Wednesday, 17 April 2024

VA announces $22 million for rural veterans

WASHINGTON, DC – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has provided $21.7 million to its regional health care systems to improve services specifically designed for veterans in rural areas.

"This special allocation is the latest down payment on VA's commitment to meet the needs of veterans living in rural areas," said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Dr. James B. Peake. "VA will take to our

rural veterans the health care services they have earned."

Within the last year, VA has launched a major rural health initiative. The Department has already created a 13-member committee to advise the VA secretary on issues affecting rural veterans, opened three rural health resource centers to better understand rural health issues, rolled out four new mobile health clinics to serve 24 predominately rural counties, announced the opening of 10 new rural outreach clinics in 2009 and launched a fleet of 50 new mobile counseling centers.

The extra funding is part of a two-year VA program to improve the access and quality of health care for veterans in geographically isolated areas.

The program focuses on several areas, including access to health care, providing world-class care, the use of the latest technology, recruiting and retaining a highly educated workforce and collaborating with other organizations.

More specifically, the new funds will be used to increase the number of mobile clinics, establish new outpatient clinics, expand fee-based care, explore collaborations with federal and community partners, accelerate the use of telemedicine deployment, and fund innovative pilot programs.

The new funds will be distributed according to the proportion of veterans living in rural areas within each VA regional health care system, called VISNs, for "Veterans Integrated Service Networks."

VISNs with less than 3 percent of their patients in rural areas will receive $250,000.

Those with population of rural veterans between 3 percent and 6 percent will receive $1 million each. And VISNs with more than 6 percent of their veterans population in rural areas will receive $1.5 million.

Special VA funding for rural health

1. Bedford, Mass., $1 million

2. Rochester, N.Y., $1 million

3. New York, N.Y., $250,000

4. Wilmington, Del., $1 million

5. Baltimore, Md., $250,000

6. Durham, N.C., $1.5 million

7. Atlanta, Ga., $1.5 million

8. Bay Pines, Fla., $1 million

9. Nashville, Tenn., $1.5 million

10. Cincinnati, Ohio, $1 million

11. Ann Arbor, Mich., $1 million

12. Chicago, Ill., $1 million

15. Kansas City, Mo., $1.5 million

16. Jackson, Miss., $1.5 million

17. Arlington, Texas, $1 million

18. Mesa, Ariz., $1 million

19. Denver, Colo., $1 million

20. Vancouver, Wash., $1 million

21. Palo Alto, Calif., $1 million

22. Long Beach, Calif., $250,000

23. Lincoln, Neb., $1.5 million


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