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Go-kart racers get back on the track

LAKEPORT – Go-kart racing resumed Sunday, Aug. 26 at the new Delbert's Memorial Raceway in south Lakeport.

Forty-one drivers in the four different classes were ready to race, despite the hot temperatures.

Beginner Box Stocks

Celest Lathrop, #9N won the trophy dash. Heat 1 was won by #3T, Tyler Hawkins, Heat 2, #38X, Hollis Tackeray, and the third heat was won by #33L, Gary "Buddy" Lowblad.

Due to the large entry list in the Beginner Box, a semi main even was run, with the top four drivers of the race being transfered to the main event. Jake Fernandes, #4J, lead the race and fought hard to take the checkered, followed by Hawkins, Thackaray and #38, Colby Jackson, right behind.

The main event had six different caution flags brought out, but #7K Karmen Davis raced strong against #19 Jack Long to keep the lead for the checkered flag win. Third place was Tyler Brown, followed by Jakob Jackson, Austin Ohlinger, Buddy Kofoid and the rest of the pack.



Box Stocks

Cavin Hawkins, #3C took the green flag for the trophy dash and lead four laps to win, followed by #18 Marcus Johnson, #29R Riley Matson and the #21 kart of Kevin Coburn. Coburn also one the heat race.

Brenton Smith, #01, led most of the laps in the main event, but Coburn managed to push his way to take the lead position with only a few laps to go. Coburn took the victory, followed by Hawkins, Smith, Matson and Ashley Lovrin. Johnson was unable to finish the race due to mechanical difficulties.


The 125/250's trophy dash winner was #27 Toni Rossi, followed by #75 Jeremy Doss, #12 Shane Brandon and #2R Kelsie Kennedy. Heat race 1 showed #3M Marty Hawkins in the lead for nine laps out of 10 while holding off #5K Kyle Tellstrem, #7 Drew Smith, #63A Amanda Moore and the #20 Cody Kaye.

During heat race 2, #24 Chase Johnson kept his pole starting position with Rossi, Doss, Kennedy and Brandon following.

During the main event, the first caution was thrown when Moore and Johnson got tangled up. They were able to make it back out on the track, with Kennedy moving up four positions in just 10 laps. While Kaye and Kennedy were battling for the 1st place position, the action was brewing for third place with Doss and Hawkins.

With less than 10 laps to go, Kennedy took the lead from Kaye, which was short-lived due to her spinning out. Doss took advantage and gained the lead, with Kaye, Hawkins and Rossi following him to the checkered flag. Brandon took fifth place, followed by Johnson, Tellstrem, Smith, Moore and Kennedy.

The 500's trophy dash was won by #89 Ethan Rhoner after taking the lead from #34X Marty Hawkins. #7J JoJo Hoberg took 2nd, #90 Trevor Christaiani in third, and Hawkins finished fourth.

The first heat race was dominated by #66 Kelsie Kennedy but not without a fight from #58 Daryl Levier. #21 Justin Kaye, #17DB, Richard Defrancisi, and #64 Jason Soderquist followed. Heat Race two was led for eight laps by Hawkins, while holding of #01K Kayla Mincey, Helbert, Rohner and Cristaiani.

Justin Kaye took the win for the main event, followed by Levier in a close second. Helberg was following closely in third with Soderquist right behind. Fourth place was taken by Defrancisi, then Hawkins, Rohner, Mincey, Kennedy and last place to the #90 that was not able to finish the race.

Many caution flags were thrown during this race but they were able to pull a full race out of it, with no major car damage.

Please bring your family out to the track and join us Sunday, Sept. 9th at the new track. There are two point races left this season, and the chase is on for the first place positions.

Admission is $15 for adults, $10 seniors, and 5 and under are free. So, please, bring your chairs, and get ready to watch our racers, for the age of 5 years and up, race their hearts out for that Championship Trophy!


We are located on South Main Street, behind the second Strohmeiers auto dealership, across from the Shell gas station and car wash.


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