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Clearlake Police logs: Monday, Feb. 16

Monday, February 16, 2009

00:18 PATROL CHECK 090216001

Officer initiated activity at Yuba College, Dam Rd Ext, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

00:18 PATROL CHECK 090216002

Officer initiated activity at Safeway, Olympic Dr, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

00:24 PATROL CHECK 090216003

Officer initiated activity at Rays Food Place, Dam Rd, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

00:27 PATROL CHECK 090216004

Officer initiated activity at Lakeview Terrace Apartments, Old Highway 53, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

00:45 PATROL CHECK 090216005

Officer initiated activity at Eastlake Landfill, Davis Av, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

01:16 911 HANG UP 090216006

Occurred at Lakeland Mobile Home Park on Old Highway 53. . nothing heard/ Disposition: Log Note Only.


Occurred on Oak Av. rp reporting that 15min ago a wfa with a white coat on was banging on her door screaming for help that someone was trying to stab her Disposition: Log Note Only.

04:14 PATROL CHECK 090216008

Officer initiated activity at Airport, (Unknown Address), Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

04:15 PATROL CHECK 090216009

Officer initiated activity at Lakeview Terrace Apartments, Old Highway 53, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.


Officer initiated activity at Cedar Av/Oak Av, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

05:18 RESIDENTIAL ALARM 090216011

Occurred at B & B Lighthouse on Cottage Av. . rp reporting a alarm going off somewhere in the area Disposition: Log Note Only.

07:37 ANIMAL CALL 090216012

Occurred at 33RD Av/Irving Av. visc pit bull white/tan with a blk dog running down the street/tried to attack rp Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

07:56 VANDALISM 090216013

Officer initiated activity at Austin Park, Clearlake. Disposition: Report Taken.

08:37 911 HANG UP 090216014

Occurred on Lakeview Pl. tatic/ Disposition: Log Note Only.

08:39 INFORMATION REPORT 090216015

Occurred at Arrowhead Rd/Oleander. need signs for flood control/passable Disposition: Log Note Only.

09:11 OPEN DOOR/WINDOW/GATE 090216016

Officer initiated activity at Emory Av, Clearlake. From above address open door Disposition: Log Note Only.

09:20 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 090216017

Occurred on Laddell Av. live power lines down from tree falling/contacted public works at 0924 hrs / responding / Disposition: Log Note Only.

10:06 WELFARE CHECK 090216020

Occurred on Brown St. welfare check on Disposition: Gone On Arrival.


Occurred on Vista St. subj not satisfied with out come of tc in the rays parking lot on Sunday Disposition: Log Note Only.

10:30 POSSIBLE FATALITY 090216022

Occurred on Lakeshore Dr. 11-44/confirmed Disposition: Report Taken.


Occurred on Manzanita Av. . strange man walking around the parking lot/wma red ball cap, tan jkt,and jeans, carrying something in his hands Disposition: Log Note Only.

10:58 INFORMATION REPORT 090216024

Occurred at Clearlake PD on Olympic Dr. . subj came into the lobby to drop off his children/mother would not respond to the pd or by phone/doc only Disposition: Log Note Only.

11:45 VANDALISM 090216025

Occurred on San Joaquin Av. Disposition: Log Note Only.

11:46 VANDALISM 090216026

Occurred on Memory Ln. Disposition: Log Note Only.

11:48 911 HANG UP 090216027

Occurred on 35TH Av. nothing heard Disposition: Log Note Only.

12:42 SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE 090216029

Officer initiated activity at Hwy 53, (Unknown Address), Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

12:57 PATROL CHECK 090216031

Officer initiated activity at Rays Food Place, Dam Rd, Clearlake. Behind in homeless encampment Disposition: Log Note Only.

13:07 COMMERCIAL ALARM 090216032

Occurred at B B Lighthouse on (Unknown Address). Alarm sounding for about a half hour Disposition: Canceled by RP.

13:10 BURGLARY 090216033

Occurred on Pine Av. Neighbors and brother have keys/3700 pine av/house has been broken into Disposition: Report Taken.


13:43 DISTURBANCE 090216034

Occurred at Lakefront Apts on Lakeshore Dr. . g/f yelling and screaming and banging on door Disposition: Report Taken.


Occurred on 4TH St. rp states that her renter moved out on the 5th of February/friend went by the house to clean it and there was a broken window in the garage and dogs/furniture was also in the house/should be empty Disposition: Log Note Only.


Occurred on Lakeshore Dr. blazer looking car dk green doing doughnuts Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

15:02 INFORMATION REPORT 090216038

Occurred at Lower Lakeshore on (Unknown Address). Trash container in roadway Disposition: Log Note Only.

16:13 PETTY THEFT 090216039

Occurred at Walmart on Dam Rd. . in custody for shoplifting Disposition: Arrest Made.

16:19 DISTURBANCE 090216040

Occurred at B & G Tires on Burns Valley Rd. . 5-10 juv's fist fighting Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

16:24 FLAGGED DOWN 090216041

Officer initiated activity at Flyers, Lakeshore Dr, Clearlake. From flyers Disposition: Log Note Only.

16:32 911 HANG UP 090216042

Occurred on 45TH Av. static only/everything okay Disposition: Log Note Only.


Occurred at (Unknown Address) on Jefferson Av. . 6 juvs poss drunk/ crying /smoking 2 girls and 4 boys Disposition: Gone On Arrival.


Occurred at Park View Market on Lakeshore Dr. . joy poss hbd will not leave outside the store grn hat grn shirt camo pants Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

17:41 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 090216046

Occurred at Clearlake Police Department on Olympic Dr. . lobby detail wants to talk to an officer about obtaining her things from a former roommate Disposition: Counseled.

17:51 THREATS MADE 090216047

Occurred at Clearlake Police Department on Olympic Dr. . receiving threats from female subject. demanding to speak to officer Disposition: Counseled.

18:02 911 HANG UP 090216048

Occurred on Ciwa. Disposition: Log Note Only.

18:53 DISTURBANCE 090216050

Occurred on Huntington Av. loud music Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

19:02 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 090216051

Occurred on Hill St. rp out of town x girlfriend wants to get her property Disposition: Counseled.

19:23 PATROL CHECK 090216052

Officer initiated activity at Rite Aid, Olympic Dr, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

19:39 PATROL CHECK 090216054

Officer initiated activity at Lotowana Bar, Clement Dr, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

19:51 PATROL CHECK 090216055

Officer initiated activity at Clearlake Commons, Old Highway 53, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

19:57 DISTURBANCE 090216056

Occurred at Lakefront Apts on Lakeshore Dr. . attacked by 2 large women in laundry room still on property contact rp. Officers contacted female who advised she was attacked by two large black women. Woman had no visible signs of injury and during the investigation she changed her story, advising she was attacked by 2 or 3 white women. We contacted multiple witness at the Lighthouse drop in center who advised not hearing any signs of a physical struggle in the area. Woman was told to leave the Lighthouse Drop In Center earlier in the day by staff. During the investigation it was determined the call for service was unfounded. Disposition: Log Note Only.

20:00 DUI 090216057

Occurred at Hwy 53 on (Unknown Address). . poss 23152 nb 29 towrds clk blk ford expedition /swerving Disposition: Log Note Only.

20:32 DISTURBANCE 090216058

Occurred at Lotowana Bar on (Unknown Address). . st hit rp in the face Disposition: Log Note Only.

21:02 DISTURBANCE 090216059

Occurred on Manzanita Av. rp reporting his daughter called him said her boyfriend is beating and choking her Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

21:05 CITIZEN ASSIST 090216060

Occurred at ,borax Lake on (Unknown Address). Daughter stranded car had blowout family w 2 babies tan van Disposition: Log Note Only.

22:16 DISTURBANCE 090216061

Occurred on 35TH Av. roommate is intoxicated and blasting music 3 other residents Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

22:23 DISTURBANCE 090216062

Occurred at 32ND Ave/Boyles Av. loud music Disposition: Log Note Only.


Occurred on Hill Av. rp reporting male stole her cell phone Disposition: Log Note Only.


Occurred at St Helena Hospital Clearlake on 18TH Av. . hit in the ear in a gun walked to er Disposition: Report Taken.

23:17 DISTURBANCE 090216066

Occurred on Robinson Av. people screaming in the house to the left of rp blue house heard only Disposition: Unfounded.


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