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Clearlake Police logs: Thursday, Nov. 22

Thursday, Nov. 22, 2007

00:02 MUSIC/DOGS/ETC 071122001

Occurred at Cache Creek Apartments on Dam Rd. . loud banging Disposition: Log Note Only.

01:00 RESIDENTIAL ALARM 071122002

Occurred on Sunset Av. audible area of act: sliding door resp Disposition: False Alarm.

05:45 RESIDENTIAL ALARM 071122003

Occurred on Clement Dr. AUD GENERAL BURG RESP: PENDING Disposition: False Alarm.

05:45 COMMERCIAL ALARM 071122004

Occurred at Dale Fessenden Dds on Lakeshore Dr. . AUDIBLE AREA OF ACT REAR DOOR MOTION RESP;PENDING Disposition: False Alarm.

08:08 HIT AND RUN 071122005

Occurred on Crawford Av. occd last night red ford mustang Disposition: Report Taken.


Occurred at El Grande on Lakeshore Dr. . credit card fraud Disposition: Log Note Only.

09:38 PETTY THEFT 071122007

Occurred on 35TH Av. sus info. mother took items from garage/shed she cut lock. white pu smaller 10min ago. Disposition: Log Note Only.

10:05 MUSIC/DOGS/ETC 071122008

Occurred at Crawford Av/Cypress Av. juvs scooter electric Disposition: Log Note Only.

10:50 RECKLESS DRIVING 071122010

Occurred at 53/LAKESHORE. 23103 per chp nb 53 from lakeshor sil sedan speeding Disposition: Log Note Only.

11:13 MUSIC/DOGS/ETC 071122011

Occurred at Crawford Av/Cypress Av. scooters juv Disposition: Log Note Only.

11:15 FLAGGED DOWN 071122012

Officer initiated activity at 36TH Av/Irving Av, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

11:30 EXTRA PATROL 071122013

Occurred on Woodside Dr. 594 to windows ford explorer would like exp in the area Disposition: Log Note Only.

12:31 COMMERCIAL ALARM 071122014

Occurred on Lakeshore Dr. aud century 21 front door no resp Disposition: Employee Error (Alarm).

13:03 DISTURBANCE 071122015

Occurred on 10TH St. came through central. called back daughter left. no prosecution desired.family: mother daughter. Disposition: Cancelled by RP.

14:11 HIT AND RUN 071122017

Occurred on Stonybrook Dr. back bumper no susc Disposition: Report Taken.

14:29 RESIDENTIAL ALARM 071122018

Occurred on 7TH St. debbie taber/back door. meeting unknown tan sub brian Disposition: Cancelled by RP.

14:43 DISTURBANCE 071122019

Occurred on 8TH St. verbal/no weapon/ family brother sister Disposition: Log Note Only.

14:58 THREATS MADE 071122020

Occurred on Fair Oaks. threats from unknown subjects assoc blu car. requesting exp patrol in the area. Disposition: Log Note Only.

16:02 911 HANG UP 071122023

Occurred on 8TH St. nothing heard/central Disposition: Arrest Made.


Occurred at Redbud Park on N/A. . 95 buick. 2 hrs ago rp let him use vehicle known male sub forgot his name. possibly hbd. behind bait and tackle store. Disposition: Log Note Only.

16:49 MUSIC/DOGS/ETC 071122025

Occurred at Arnold Av/Davis. loud booming/music Disposition: Log Note Only.


Occurred on Vista Robles Wy. parked in her parking space white volvo suv. Disposition: Log Note Only.


Occurred on Konocti View Rd. kurt norling is being verbally abusive for the past several years Disposition: Log Note Only.

18:19 911 HANG UP 071122029

Occurred on 28TH Av. MULLEN HANG UP HEARD Disposition: Log Note Only.

18:43 MUSIC/DOGS/ETC 071122030

Occurred on Hillcrest Av. LOUD MUSIC Disposition: Log Note Only.

19:01 MUSIC/DOGS/ETC 071122031

Occurred on Halika. LOUD MUSIC Disposition: Log Note Only.

19:04 DISTURBANCE 071122032

Occurred at Tamarack Lodge on Lakeshore Dr. . LOUD FIREWORKS Disposition: Log Note Only.


Occurred at OAK/20TH. TAKE OAK TO 20TH WATER TANK FLOODING Disposition: Log Note Only.

22:20 DISTURBANCE 071122034

Occurred on Arrowhead Rd. wife was in a phy 415 w children neg hbd neg wpns Disposition: Log Note Only.


Occurred on Keating Av. ***21 detail*** violation of tro by a male driving by the rps new resd. a male subj came in to the dept asking for directions to keating ave just a few min prior to the call coming in. unk if its related. utl ro rp avised she would contatc us when she found the order Disposition: Log Note Only.

23:05 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 071122036

Occurred at Clearlake Apartments on Old Highway 53. . req assistance w a patient Disposition: Outside Assist.


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