Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Sunrise Special Services Foundation addresses incident involving director of operations

We would like to address a recent incident that has come to our attention involving our director of operations, Mr. Chris Bloodworth.

We understand that news of his detainment has caused concern within our community. We want to assure everyone that we take this matter seriously and are committed to handling it with utmost care and sensitivity.

First and foremost, we want to emphasize that this is a private matter involving personal relationships, and it is important to respect the privacy of all individuals involved. The incident occurred outside the workplace and does not reflect the values and principles we uphold as an organization. We firmly believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, both within and outside of the workplace.

Upon learning about the incident, we took immediate action to address the situation appropriately. Our primary focus has been on the well-being and safety of all individuals involved, including providing support and resources to those affected.

Both parties have voluntarily sought counseling services and have actively engaged in anger management classes, and parenting classes, acknowledging the need to address the underlying issues and work towards positive change.

We want to emphasize that the parties involved have taken responsibility for their actions and are working diligently towards personal growth and development. It is essential that we provide an environment where individuals are encouraged to learn, grow and overcome personal challenges. As an organization, we are committed to fostering a culture of empathy, understanding and support.

We would also like to inform you that the charges related to this incident have been dropped.

While we recognize the legal process and its outcomes, it is crucial to understand that the organization’s focus is on providing support and guidance to our employees during difficult times. Our priority is to ensure a safe and inclusive workplace for all, and we
will continue to uphold our zero-tolerance policy for any form of violence, harassment, or discrimination.

At Sunrise, we remain committed to maintaining an open and transparent dialogue with our employees and the Lake County community. We appreciate your understanding and support as we navigate through this challenging situation.

Together, we can work towards fostering a community that promotes personal growth, respect, and accountability.

Rayan Aava, PsyD, MBA c., is chief executive officer for Sunrise Special Services Foundation.

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