Sunday, 19 May 2024

Holzapple: Students deserve positive educational experience to thrive

I have been pondering how society unravels the chaos between school board members and the community going forward.

A method that comes to mind to help repair the fragmented relationship between community and public schools is engaging as collaborative team members which includes mutual respect and understanding the responsibilities that each of us holds for setting a better example to our future generation.

Another action to assist the relationship between the public and school board members is moving past one-sided personal agendas by the general public and choosing to honor diversity which sets a tone for being all-inclusive to everyone involved thus helping students succeed during their formative educational years.

Growing knowledge about the job description for school board members reduces confusion for what these elected positions are tasked with.

Remembering this body of individuals are held to certain parameters set by higher elected overseers will lessen demands for them to make decisions about policy they don’t have the authority to bring into action.

With a behavior and mindset shift toward partnership, a path toward cohesiveness will begin.

Bringing suggestions to the table is welcomed and encouraged which creates food for thought so positive growth happens ultimately resulting in a firm foundation for students to thrive. As adults, methods such as this sets a good role model for students who look to us as guides when presented with challenges.

Life can be hard, having a guide to help navigate the way eases some of the burden for developing minds.

Currently the Middletown Unified School District has school board positions to be filled through a district vote.

Charise Reynolds is a candidate on the ballot. I have taken the opportunity to talk with Charise and read her résumé. All the boxes have been checked for qualities and qualifications needed. Electing her will fulfill a needed presence for having someone to co-partner with other board members; school staff; parents; students and the community at large thus creating much needed unity within the education system.

Charise shared the following thoughts with me for why she wants to be part of the MUSD school board.

“I just want unity. I want parents, school staff and board members to be able to express themselves in a manner that invites collaboration and understanding. I also want to bring back that same level of caring, kindness, and community that we had after the Valley Fire. I want all parents to feel heard; I want all staff to feel appreciated; and, I want all students to feel safe, welcome, and represented. That’s what I want for our district.”

Charise has the support of many in the community as well as receiving endorsements from the following people who feel she will work hard and diligently as an MUSD school board member.

Anna Ravenwoode, schoolteacher, LCOE Board Member Lake County Office of Education (Area 5) Kelseyville.

Cecilia Aguilar-Curry, State Assembly member, District 4.

Doug Harris, trustee, Board Area 7 Yuba Community College District.

Jessica Pyska, Lake County District 5 supervisor.

I too have faith in who Charise is not only as an upstanding citizen in Lake County but also as someone who will bring continuity, commitment and knowledge needed to hold a seat on the school board.

My grandchild will enter school in several years. As a grandparent, Charise is someone I want looking out for the best interests of not only my grandchild but all students in the MUSD sector.

Darlene Holzapple lives in Clearlake, California.

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