Sunday, 14 April 2024

Amodio: Krones has worked diligently as a prosecutor

Susan Krones is running for reelection as the district attorney of Lake County. She has worked diligently for the last 30 years prosecuting cases as an officer in the Judge Advocate General's Corps, or JAG, of the Army and then as a deputy district attorney and as district attorney of Lake County.

I suggest you take a moment to review the list of individuals who have endorsed Ms. Krones for this position.

Retired judges Mann and Crone, former county supervisors who had to work with Anthony Farrington when he was supervisor, the Lake County Democratic Party, the North Bay Labor Council, community leaders, Congressman Mike Thompson and a number of attorneys.

Who is endorsing Mr. Farrington?

I found one client endorsement online and then received a flyer with an endorsement by Fiona Ma (a politician he has endorsed this year and in the past); Bill Dodd, who is NOT our state senator (another politician Farrington has endorsed in the past); and by Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker, a political bigwig in the State Democratic Party.

He has a picture of Vice President Kamala Harris swearing him in as an attorney! Surely he is not implying that she has endorsed him!

Where are the local endorsements? Where are endorsements by other attorneys … the "colleagues" he works with (or against) every day? I could not find a single endorsement on his website.

Admitted to the State Bar of California just short of 10 years ago he has practiced several different types of law, but has not specialized in or become an expert in any of those fields.

Farrington tells us that he has a contract with the state to represent abused and neglected children. What he did not disclose is that dependency attorneys, who are all under state contract, also have to represent the parents who are abusive or neglectful. They don't get to choose who they represent ... they are appointed by the court.

Farrington has not worked as a deputy district attorney or as a criminal defense attorney. I am not certain that he knows the definition of the word prosecution (“The institution and conducting of legal proceedings against someone in respect of a criminal charge.”) based on his use of the term.

The only way a criminal charge happens is when the District Attorney’s Office charges a case, not when a civil attorney brings a case against another party.

Farrington claims “100% prosecution rate for domestic violence protection orders for abused women and children.” But how many cases make up that “100%”? Is it five cases or 500 cases? Domestic violence cases are usually civil cases brought by one party against another, but they are not criminal prosecutions.

He advocates tossing out our basic constitutional right to a jury trial. The right to have a jury trial applies to any criminal case, not just the ones that make headlines.

How exactly is Mr. Farrington going to fight crime and “take back our streets?” By making new law on his own without input from the legislature or the voting public?

He claims to “know” how to manage the district attorney, sheriff’s office and juvenile hall by participating in budget oversight of those offices. As supervisor he voted on the budget but county staff made the budget work.

He claims to have jury trial experience at the state and federal level. How many cases and what were the results? How has he managed to do jury trials in state (where in the state?) and federal courts, but has avoided jury trial experience in Lake County?

Enough of political talk and self aggrandizement.

Vote for Susan Krones.

Attorney Mary Heare Amodio lives in Lakeport, California.

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