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Farrington: A response to Brown’s letter on DA candidacy

I recently read with great amusement a political hit piece written by Rob Brown, a local bail bondsman and former county supervisor. I find it ironic that Mr. Brown failed to mention that he is a local bail bondsman while giving out his election advice for the upcoming district attorney race.

I was very reluctant to respond to Mr. Brown’s self-serving endorsement for the upcoming district attorney’s race which was filled with vitriol, hate and false statements. However, in the interest of truth, it is imperative that I respond and pull back the curtain.

After reading Mr. Brown’s propaganda, you may have asked yourself what is Mr. Brown’s problem? One can easily expect that there are many petty personal and political reasons, but I suspect that the most compelling reason would be due to Mr. Brown possibly learning that I have been retained to represent his 80-year-old mother Marilyn Brown against Mr. Brown in a legal action for elder abuse and fraud (Case No. CV-422695). In addition, I also represent Mr. Brown’s ex-wife Kim Brown (Manning) for her application to hold Mr. Brown in contempt for unpaid court ordered spousal support in the amount of $57,000 (Case No. FL-210467).

This contempt action is a quasi-criminal proceeding. As such, given Mr. Brown’s misleading statements about me having limited to no criminal experience, I am optimistic that my successful prosecution of this contempt action will change his naïve perspective. This information can be confirmed with the Lake County Superior Court.

Unfortunately, Mr. Brown should have taken his own advice and stayed out of politics so that he can remain focused on his full-time job freeing criminals. Voters in this district attorney election should be very leery about taking any election advice from a bail bondsman. In my opinion, taking election advice from Mr. Brown would be like taking spiritual advice from Ted Bundy.

As a county supervisor, I provided 16 years of budget oversight for the District Attorney’s Office, sheriff’s department, jail, juvenile hall and probation department.

Mr. Brown stated that I have limited to no criminal law experience. This claim is patently false. For 10 years, I have handled a number of criminal cases ranging from resisting arrest, domestic violence, battery, public intoxication, DUIs and illegal cannabis matters. I also have state and federal jury trial experience, and I have a 100% prosecution rate for contested domestic violence protective orders on behalf of abused women and children. Through a state contract I also currently represent children who have been abused and/or neglected by their parents and/or care providers as a result of crimes committed against children. All of this information can be obtained by a public records request with the Lake County Superior Court and the County.

Unlike Mr. Brown, I like to focus on the big picture and make policy decisions for the betterment of our entire county, while Mr. Brown may see the grand opening of a new Dollar General store as economic progress. In regard to my efforts to place cold medications containing pseudoephedrine (used to make methamphetamine) behind store counters. Contrary to Mr. Brown’s allegations this ordinance had nothing to do with cough syrup or Nyquil; nor did I ever claim it would be a panacea to end meth addiction. This ordinance was merely a tool to help reduce the chronic theft of pseudoephedrine medications and the personal manufacturing of meth. This information can be obtained by a public records request with the county.

In reference to my request for the county to develop GIS website documenting the locations of registered sex offenders. Lake County had one of the highest numbers of registered sex offenders per capita in the state. This was my effort to enhance public safety and keep our children and families safe. I never claimed to take credit for the Megan’s law state website, only that our website was the first of its kind. This information can be obtained by a public records request with the county.

In regard to the issue of water rights. As a candidate, I did promise to work to secure water rights to Clear Lake. Mr. Brown’s statement that I did nothing to keep my promise is false. Through my efforts our county entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Yolo Flood and Conservation District which resulted in better management of the Clear Lake dam and a reoperation of the dam using better weather forecasting and technology with the benefit of keeping a fuller lake.

In addition, a water rights application was submitted to the State Water Resources Control Board for the appropriation of new water rights. This application was filed for the Middle Creek Restoration Project. After I left the board, it appears that Mr. Brown did not take any action to advance this application to the detriment of Lake County residents. This information can be obtained by a public records request with the county.

Mr. Brown also made unfounded comments about my performance as a board member in particular where he accused me of not attending various committee meetings. I find his allegations comical. Mr. Brown and other board members appointed me to these committees. If my performance back then was such an issue for Mr. Brown, he should not have reappointed me. To confirm my attendance for the public defenders’ oversight committee one should make a public records request; or contact retired County Counsel Cameron Reeves and/current County Counsel Anita Grant. In addition, contact Duane Furman. Mr. Furman is a local resident from Lakeport who also served on the committee with me.

Mr. Brown also alleges that I have “faked” my way as a county supervisor. I find his comments insulting to the intelligence of the Lake County residents that elected me four times where I often garnered more than 66% of the vote. To date, I cannot explain what fuels Mr. Brown’s deep-rooted hatred for me. In fact, it is also ironic that Mr. Brown publicly opposes me while his mother and other immediate family members have signed my nomination papers and are publicly supporting my candidacy for district attorney.

Mr. Brown was correct about one thing. My father was killed while he was in jail after he was picked up for a bench warrant after being previously arrested for a DUI. While in jail my father prevented two men from raping another inmate. Subsequently, he received death threats and was later found hanged in his cell. My father was a Marine who served during the Vietnam War, and I find it despicable that Mr. Brown would diminish the significance of his death because he was an inmate.

Mr. Brown also made some flippant comment about me discovering my “new found manliness” in response to me publicly listing some of my hobbies such as shooting guns, working on my ranch and working on my classic cars. Mr. Brown said that he found my comments “offensive” and that I did so as some type of “subtle reminder” to the voters that I am running against a female candidate.

In reality, it is Mr. Brown’s misogynistic statements that are offensive. Apparently, he does not believe that a woman can enjoy the same hobbies that a man may enjoy.

When it comes to discovering “new found manliness,” Mr. Brown has it all wrong. A man does not attain manliness by his choice of hobbies; rather the true test and measurement of a man is how that man treats others during a time of disagreement and, in particular, how that man treats his own mother.

Anthony Farrington lives in Lakeport, California.

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