Sunday, 26 June 2022

Bridges: More of Gov. Newsom’s mismanagement failures

While we have all heard of Gov. Newsom’s failures and excesses with respect to our children missing a year and a half of public education and massive small business closures, there are other matters that merit our attention.

His mismanagement of the state’s recycling fees we are all charged whenever you buy a bottle or can of water, soda or beer has not been in the news.

The state’s recycling laws require that either stores buyback containers or there needs to be a nearby buyback center. Newsom has not enforced this law but continues to collect CRV fees.

As a result of this failure the state is sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars in CRV fees and you have no close or convenient place to redeem the money you have paid.

He needs to either enforce the law and give us convenient places to get our CRV fees back or get his Democratic legislature to repeal CRV fees and quit illegally taking our money. If he spent more time doing his job and less time at the French laundry this problem wouldn’t exist.

Another issue the media has missed is Gov. Newsom’s closure of many of the state’s conservation camps.

The camps house state prisoners who have historically provided a significant amount of low-cost firefighters to support Cal Fire and protect our state from wildfires.

The new tax-funded firefighter positions that Gov. Newsom now brags about are simply replacing the prisoners that have been turned loose on early release in the state while the taxpayers pay for their replacements. It looks like the taxpayers have lost twice.

Two more reasons to recall Gov. Newsom.

Bob Bridges lives in Lakeport, California.

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