Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Morita: Kearney chooses to be confused in campaign mailer

Jessica Pyska is running for supervisor, and she has my vote. She has done so much work for Cobb Mountain in terms of recovery from the fires, she has many of the values I hold dear, she’s passionate about this county, she’s fastidious and she’s a good person.

I was surprised to see a campaign mailer from Bill Kearney which states that Jessica Pyska “lied to us.” It explains that Jessica is not a credentialed teacher and that she has “falsely claimed to be a school teacher.”

I have a lot of close friends, so close that their children sometimes call me Uncle Marc. It’s not because I’m a blood relative or married into the family. It’s just this feeling that is bestowed to me by those kids. I see those kids, play games with them, give them piggyback rides. I’m Uncle Marc, and I don’t plan on correcting them anytime soon.

When Jessica Pyska enters the Cobb Elementary classroom, she is met with smiles from the students. They know that they will leave the indoor lessons and go outside where Jessica will teach in the Cobb School Garden, a garden that is cared for by Jessica, all the Cobb students as well as community members. It is a magical place.

Ms. Pyska teaches them about what makes good soil, “The Three Sisters,” pests and how to manage them appropriately, and a ton of other lessons. If you ask ANY student or staff member at Cobb Mountain Elementary, “Who is Jessica Pyska?” they will say this …

“She is our garden teacher.”

Jessica has used the word educator on her ballot instead of teacher precisely to make sure that no one is confused. That Mr. Kearney chooses to be is puzzling.

I love that I live in a county where people are nice to one another. I can knock on the door and borrow a cup of sugar from my neighbor. I can wave to the cars that drive past me while I run, and they will wave back. And I love that the politics in this county focus on the issues that face us, not on mudslinging.

Let’s keep it that way.

Stay safe and be good.

Marc Morita is a teacher. He lives in Kelseyville, California.

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