Friday, 08 December 2023

Kishineff: Not a nation of complainers

I have to hand it to American taxpayers. You are amazingly generous!

In the last couple of years, we have found out that the Pentagon is missing $21 trillion, that we give billions of dollars in aid to countries that have universal health care and tuition-free college education (even though we go without those things ourselves), that the federal government paid salaries to Juan Guaido and his posse for their coup attempt (even kicking in a little extra for "democracy enhancement" training), the Afghanistan Papers showed us that the US was paying for schools that didn't exist, teachers that didn't exist, soldiers that didn't exist, and now we find out that Juan Guaido and his staff embezzled the humanitarian aid funds that we sent.

All of this while American families struggle to make it each month, millions of us going without health care and many of us going without homes.

And are we out in the streets complaining that our government is literally throwing away money instead of providing food to hungry children?

No! We aren't a country of complainers like France, which has been having Yellow Vest protests for 15 months. We suck it up. We self-sacrifice. And then we go back to our iPads or playoff football or whatever Kylie Jenner is wearing this week. Because that's what we do.

Why should we have health care when there are nonexistent children in Afghanistan who desperately need nonexistent schools? I mean somebody's got to pay those nonexistent teacher's salaries, and it's not like the Afghan government can afford it. Not after what we've done to their country.

Jason Kishineff lives in American Canyon, California. He is a Democratic Congressional candidate for California District 5.

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