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Driscoll: Anderson is best qualified candidate for Lake County Superior Court judge

Lake County district attorney, the Honorable Don Anderson, has selflessly and with great wisdom and compassion served the citizens of Lake County for over 40 years.

He literally put his life on the line for the citizens of Lake County numerous times as a Lake County deputy sheriff beginning in 1974 – first as a reserve deputy, then as a regular deputy, and then later as a major crimes and narcotics detective.

His dedication and work ethic are second to none. While working full-time for the citizens of Lake County, Mr. Anderson earned his bachelor’s degree and his law degree, then passed the California Bar exam.

In 1991, Mr. Anderson transitioned from the sheriff’s department to a practicing private attorney in Lake County, where he continued to serve the citizens of Lake County by personally representing them as their lawyer, administrative law judge for the city of Lakeport, judge pro tem for the Superior Court in Lake County and judicial arbitrator for the Superior Court in Lake County.

Then, in 2008, Mr. Anderson was approached by numerous Lake County citizens who saw the desperate need in Lake County for a strong and honest justice process. He was specifically asked (actually implored) to be the next elected district attorney of Lake County.

In 2010, the people of Lake County voted and elected Mr. Anderson as the new district attorney of Lake County. The people re-elected him 2014. He is still tirelessly serving the citizens of Lake County as the district attorney.

How has Mr. Anderson done as the district attorney?

A few examples of his commitment: His conviction rate (which is what we want him to do) is 85 percent, a far cry from the abysmal 58 percent of his predecessor.

He recognized the questionable honesty of many defendants, witnesses and others in court. Showing his visionary leadership, he established the first ever perjury investigation and prosecution unit in the United States. Mr. Anderson's leadership vision is applauded across the country.

For example: on March 1, 2017, the American Bar Association Journal wrote: this criminal lying "... didn't sit well with the district attorney, prompting him to launch a new, much-heralded crackdown on perjury... [DA] Anderson formed a perjury prosecution unit, which appears to be the first of its kind in the country. The unit…has the task of exploring and prosecuting perjury cases.”

In November, 2017, the 7,000-plus members (law enforcement and prosecutors) of the California Narcotic Officers' Association recognized and awarded Mr. Anderson with the prestigious Narcotic Prosecutor of the Year Award for his outstanding efforts for the citizens of Lake County. The criteria for this award are daunting, and demands proof of a lifetime of commitment and dedication to our community.

Mr. Anderson is not just fully qualified, he is the best qualified for Superior Court judge, Lake County.

I write this purely as a neutral and detached observer. I am the former commander of the Lake County Narcotics Task Force/special agent supervisor, California Dept of Justice, Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement (from this capacity, I’ve personally observed Mr. Anderson’s dedication, reasonableness, and sincere pattern of unwavering commitment; that is what Lake County can expect), and a retired USNR Captain, with over 27 years working intelligence and anti-terrorism operations around the globe.

George Driscoll lives in Walnut Creek, Calif.

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