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Neasham: Vote for Shanda Harry

Vote for Shanda Harry.

Don't vote for Don Anderson as Lake County judge. Here's why …

Really? Don quotes in his mission statement, "As Lake County’s District Attorney I believe the importance is not winning a case but seeing that justice is served.”

You allowed a non-crime to be prosecuted that wasn't even a crime and destroyed my businesses (I’m in the process of rebuilding Neasham Insurance Agency), family and my life. You never even had the compassion or empathy to apologize.

The California Supreme Court thought the case was so ridiculous that when the attorney general tried to appeal the appellate courts decision after they overturned and reversed it in full 3-0 they wouldn't even hear it. If my case would of stood the "free enterprise system" would of been destroyed.

Besides making my client over $42,000 on her annuitization value on a $175,000 investment in 2.5 years you charged me with larceny because I should have known my client had the onset of dementia. Really, Don?

The bank (Mendocino Savings Bank) sold her a CD at the same time she bought the annuity and you didn't prosecute them. You're aware of that right? It's called a double standard. Also, if I would have known she had the onset of dementia I wouldn't of helped her.

The court also forgot the intent part in the jury instruction which violated my constitutional rights (how is it even possible that happened? I've heard the last time that happened was five and a half years ago and according to my source he was guilty and let go free), and your department just happened to find an audio tape the day before closing arguments where the client said herself two months after the sale she bought the annuity for tax purposes and no one forced her to do it, and she claimed she did it by her own free will and choice. I have the DA report (dated in April. She bought the annuity in February of the same year). That's proof again it should of never gone to trial.

Why did your department withhold that, and the judge allowed the jury to see a video of her out of her mind three years after the sale. Don't you think that would impeach the jurors, Don?

You, the judge and the Department of Insurance should of publicly apologized to me and still should and make it very clear to the community/public it was never a crime in the first place but you didn't. You've destroyed my businesses, and now my family and I had to file personal and business bankruptcy. Instead you just swept it under the carpet like I was a piece of trash.

You do realize if you or one of your relatives ever sold one of their used cars to a neighbor, TV, stereo, camera, computer, a new car, boat, doing a demented person’s taxes, taking a home in collateral for a bail bond, an attorney taking someone's money to represent them in a civil matter, setting up a living trust, selling someone a home, or anything over $950 the state could of come back and arrest you up to three years later and charge you with larceny if they determined your client had the onset of dementia/Alzheimer's if my case would of stood? Really? She wasn't even conserved until three years after the sale.

Do you still think Lake County residents want you to potentially be their judge?

Glenn Neasham lives in Hidden Valley Lake, Calif.

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