Friday, 30 September 2022

Ting's Thai Kitchen to add WiFi access

HIDDEN VALLEY LAKE – Ting's Thai Kitchen plans to add something very special to its restaurant for the benefit of its patrons in addition to wonderful Thai cuisine.

Before the month of April comes to a close, Ting's Thai Kitchen should be a WiFi hot spot. There are already coffee shops and restaurants offering WiFi in some fashion either free or fee-based in Lake County. But Ting's is going to offer something truly remarkable. It is going to offer splash page advertising in addition to FREE Internet access.

This is actually a win/win scenario for both the restaurant and its advertisers. Both benefit from this promotional innovation. Ting's will likely get a significant boost in customer traffic. Why? Because the public really does need and want free WiFi. They need it to check email, surf the Web and make VOIP phone and video calls.

Meanwhile, Ting's advertisers benefit because WiFi splash page advertising "never sleeps." It is ongoing 24/7. Keep in mind that the standard WiFi signal range is 300 linear feet and walls do not stop the signal. Therefore, the WiFi signal may be picked up outside in the parking lot and in the the tenant offices adjacent to the restaurant. People who have Internet access at home around the world will also be able to view the content of Ting's splash page as it will be duplicated online for their benefit. However, only those within 300 linear feet of Ting's wireless router will be able to benefit from the actual WiFi.

Thanks to the way WiFi works, Ting's is not limited to just helping local advertisers or having local advertisers help them. Their advertisers can be local, national or even international. Folks who come this restaurant to get a great meal are going to see firsthand by using any remote online device that Ting's is not only reaching out to the world, but that the world is reaching back.

All of the candidates running for the District 1 supervisor position have indicated an interest in Ting's innovation advertising promotion utilizing WiFi. Once you are inside the restaurant and go online, don't be the least bit surprised if you able to access an endorsement for the restaurant from your favorite District 1 supervisor candidate plus an explanation as to why he (or she) deserves your vote. But, that is not all you might learn. You might see a clever Youtube video about how Google Docs can benefit your business or how Jott can help you maximize your time on the phone even while traveling in your car.

Each advertiser is being asked to provide a picture, audio message and web site address to be included in this initial introduction of WiFi splash page advertising to Lake County. Keep in mind that WiFi is best-suited wherever large groups of people congregate on a regular basis. That is why a restaurant like Ting's Thai Kitchen is such a good choice. 


To get an idea as to what an Wi-Fi hot spot splash page is really like before Ting's debuts its creation, visit the online lens for Ting's Thai Kitchen. Simply click here

If you know of a location that would be ideal as a WiFi hot spot or desire to have your business become a WiFi splash page advertiser, please contact Lamar Morgan of CDMM at 707-709-8605.


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