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Tracing the lore of Ted Nugent

I didn't know Ted Nugent moved to Crawford, Texas in 2003 and changed his handle from "Hunka Ted" to "Uncle Ted." But now that I've made my latest visit to and picked up some new Ted Lore, I'm still left wondering how he plans to run for governor of Michigan now?

And Ted's recent fling at Texas Governor Rick "Good Hair" Perry's second inaugural has landed him – Hunka or Uncle – in some deep doo doo.

The man who one Ted Nugent United Sportsmen of America member says "(blew) me away with his commitment, the fire in his eyes, the sincerity in his voice,” courted another sort of commitment when he performed in a Stars & Bars T-Shirt while brandishing some sort of double barreled machine gun or its near facsimile.

Of course, this is the same guy who sells "Blood Brother Sniper Rifles" and "Nugent Gold Tipped Arrows" on his Web site.

All offerings, "Ted tested, Ted approved,” as Hunka likes to put it.

Hunka is what the kids at Ted's Kids Kamp call him. Uncle is what I, for one, call Lou Reed.

Ted also promotes something called "hunters for the hungry" likely involving feeding either road kill or

Ted kill to the hungry, I suppose.

And, "in a recent survey conducted by North American Hunter Magazine, readers were asked what partner they would choose for a 'Dream Hunt Adventure ... the votes are in, it's Ted Nugent by a landslide!"

Now come with us to a day of yesteryear and re-read this article, "How Ted Nugent Changed My Life" written only one year after "everything changed."

Kelseyville The last time I saw Ted Nugent live he was wearing a fox tail and playing "Cat Scratch Fever" in Milwaukee.

It was November 1975 and I was backstage watching the VU meters go into the red as Ted struck his first chord. I think they stayed there long after he finished but, in any case, I know my hearing has never

been the same.

"Too many Ted Nugent concerts" I cheerfully tell anyone who complains about it.

When my son was a baby he had a case of Cat Scratch Fever. It's not just a passionate response, as in

Ted's tune, but a disease resulting from the scratch of a kitten. My son has long since recovered and now has his own band, Goat Cheese Rodeo.

In the 80s and early 90s I wrote a column for the Illinois Entertainer and it often appeared on the same

page as "Ask Ma Nugent," a heavy metal advice column written by Ted's late mother.

So The Nuge really has changed my life though I'm neither a fan nor a follower.

Uncle Ted's Web site, is a hoot and a holler a minute with its "How Ted Nugent Changed My Life" essays by kids who have attended the Nuge's Kamp for Kids, which helps them learn "to safely shot a .22 rifle or bow and arrow."

As Ted puts it: "I rock and roll six months per year and hunt six months per year."

He's on the board of directors of the NRA making him the Charlton Heston of rock and the author, with his wife Shermane, of the "Kill It And Grill It Cookbook."

Read Ted's magazine, "Adventure Outdoors." It comes with membership in "Tribe Nuge." Read Ted's bio:

"Born in Detroit, 1948, middle finger first. Began hunting in 1953; guitar in 1956."

Find out about Ted's feud with the Osbournes.

Hunka called the Osbournes "a pathetic brain wreck" and Kelly Osbourne parried with "he's just a jealous mofo who stays in a big cabin and kills animals."

Whatever you think of him, the man's a gas. He may even change your life as he has those of many of his fans like police officer and Club Nuge member, Rob Kukola, who wrote this online testimonial:

"There have been five things in my life that have brought tears to my eyes – the birth of my son in '88,

the death of my father in '93, the birth of my daughter in '94, the first deer I shot in '97, and watching Ted Nugent play."

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