Friday, 23 February 2024

Prather: The truth about responsible gun owners

When it comes to “gun legislation,” not all politicians are liars; it’s just that about 90 percent of them give the other 10 percent a bad name!

It never ceases to amaze me how many “gun control” bills are written and passed merely on the basis of what our senators “think they know” or are told by other “anti-gun” politicians or the media. Many of them are deliberately lying for the purpose of their own personal agenda.

Responsible gun owners are tired of hearing comments like:

– “Ninety-nine percent of Americans want stricter gun laws.”
– “The AR-15 rifle is a 'military style assault weapon that sprays bullets'.”
– “The AR-15 stands for 'assault rifle'.”
– “The 'bullet button' on an AR-15 makes magazine changes in the blink of an eye.”
– “These new 'plastic pistols' can’t be detected at airport security and can be produced on a cheap 3-D printer.”
– and, the popular “high capacity magazines for handguns.”

It’s sickening that so many politicians are repeating this garbage when they truly have no real knowledge of firearms and/or how to even handle a firearm.

Most of them want stricter gun laws for the working class Americans, yet they (and their entire families) are protected 24 hours a day … with guns.

I am wise enough to know that people who are definitely “pro-gun” or “anti-gun” will most likely not change their point of view. I am directing this to address the “neutral” population and those who fall into the category of “ignorance” regarding gun ownership.

Ignorance is not a bad thing – it just means you have not been educated on the facts.

If you have been informed of the facts but continue to stick your head in the sand, well, then most likely you are an idiot and I can’t help you there!

The worst offenders are people who have been educated with facts but deliberately lie to the American people because they have their own agenda of how we should live. Continually repeating these lies does not make it true, it just makes you a chronic liar.

Fact No. 1: When you hear a statement like “the polls show 99 percent of Americans want stricter gun laws,” that is a lie. What they mean is, a poll was paid for by billionaire Michael Bloomberg and results were obtained from his “anti-gun” organizations.

Fact No. 2: The AR-15 rifle was never designed for the military. It was designed for the civilian market and does not “spray bullets” like a military weapon.

Fact No. 3: The “AR” does not stand for “assault rifle” and it is not an assault weapon. The “AR” was merely the letter designation of the manufacturer, “Armalite”; the same as Glock designates their pistol models with “G-17” or Sig Sauer designates their models starting with “P-938.”

Fact No. 4: The “Bullet Button” (prior legislation made it mandatory on a AR-15 in California) is extremely hard to manipulate, especially under stress. It cannot be depressed in the “blink of an eye.” I challenge anyone to come out to the range and demonstrate how fast they can manipulate this device to change magazines.

Fact No. 5: These so-called “plastic pistols” most certainly can be detected at airports and security screening facilities and in no way be completely produced with a 3-D printer. If you are anti-gun and believe this, you should “print one” and test fire it yourself. You are more of an idiot than I thought!

Fact No. 6: The “standard capacity” magazines for most handguns today is 12 rounds, 13 rounds, 15 or even 17 rounds. The “high capacity” magazines are the 34-round, 50-round or 100-round. Our California anti-gun politicians gave the term “high capacity” magazines to any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds.

I suggest you get out to your local gun range and get the facts for yourself. Even if you don’t want to own a firearm or participate in the shooting sports, at least get out to the range or talk to one of the range officers of our local law enforcement and get the facts.

Tim Prather lives in Cobb, Calif.

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