City Wide Prayer Night for all denominations planned July 17

CLEARLAKE, Calif. – The third Tuesday of every month a church in Clearlake is hosting a city wide prayer for everyone in the community who would like to pray about the peace and protection of the city, the county and the government.

The invitation is open to all churches, all denominations, all beliefs, all nationalities, and all people who want to come together as God’s family and pray for the good of their neighbors and to pray for peace, love, and acceptance in our country.

The group of churches is extending the invitation to include churches in other cities of our county.

They would like to see this become a county-wide event with all churches participating and taking turns hosting this City Wide Prayer Night on the third Tuesday of the month.

The next City Wide Prayer Night is Tuesday, July 17, at Praises of Zion Baptist Church at 3890 Emile Ave. in Clearlake from 6 to 7 p.m.

The event features singing, music and prayers given from each church or individual that is positive and unites us in spirit.

Please join them for refreshments and fellowship immediately after the prayer program.

The events are scheduled month by month so there is time for your church to sign up to host a night of prayer.

For more information please contact Melissa Young from Assembly of God Church at 707-995-2342 or June Jackson from Praises of Zion Church at 707-995-1319.

If you would like more information about Praises of Zion Church visit