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Clearlake Police logs: Sunday, Jan. 18

Sunday, January 18, 2009

01:04     DISTURBANCE                                             090118006
Officer initiated activity at Flyers, Lakeshore Dr, Clearlake.verbal 415/parties possibly had left already/rp was uncooperative and hung up  Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

01:13     SUICIDE ATEMPT                                          090118007
Occurred on Old Highway 53. lcso transfer 10-56a subject with pills (fem/vic is inside)rp outside/neg weapons. 70 staging.  Disposition: Log Note Only.

01:35     PATROL CHECK                                            090118008
Officer initiated activity at New Beginnings, Old Highway 53, Clearlake.  Disposition: Log Note Only.

01:47     NON INJURY TC                                           090118009
Occurred at Arrowhead Rd/Country Club Dr. acn/newer blu chevy/vehicle into a ditch  Disposition: Arrest Made.

02:38     BATTERY                                                 090118010
Occurred at Laguna Mexican Restaurant on Lakeshore Dr. . fem bleeding from her head/van 2 tone burg and white  Disposition: Report Taken.

02:43     ASSIST OTHER AGENCY                                     090118011
Occurred at Lotowana Bar on Clement Dr. . loto 22yr fem possible seizure/hbd #20  Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

04:15     DISTURBANCE                                             090118013
Occurred on 13TH St. verbal with 13 yo grand daughter/grand daughter had knife and was making threats of 10-56/neg hbd/rp is hs  Disposition: Counseled.

07:35     VANDALISM                                               090118014
Occurred on Robinson Av. vandalism to sisters vehicle requesting officer contact  Disposition: Log Note Only.

08:56     DISTURBANCE                                             090118015
Occurred on Robinson Av. neighbor is yelling at rp  Disposition: Log Note Only.

09:06     PUBLIC WORKS (SEWER ETC)                                090118016
Occurred at Howard/Pearl. stop sign at howard and pearl is down  Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

10:32     SUSPICIOUS CIRCS/PERSON/VEHICLE                         090118018
Occurred at Clearlake Police Department on Olympic Dr. . *****21 detail******  21st delivery date being delivered to clk  Disposition: Log Note Only.

10:35     DISTURBANCE                                             090118019
Occurred on Robinson Av. neighbor came outside and was screaming at rp again  Disposition: Canceled by RP.

10:49     SUSPICIOUS CIRCS/PERSON/VEHICLE                         090118020
Occurred on Uhl Av. receiving annoying calls from daughters ex boyfriend on her cell phone   Disposition: Canceled by RP.

11:15     DISTURBANCE                                             090118021
Occurred at Adagio Apartments on Olympic Dr. . wont leave residence   black tshirt and blue jeans  blk hair 5'10  Disposition: Log Note Only.

11:41     ANIMAL CALL                                             090118022
Occurred at Old Hwy 53 on (Unknown Address). . man attacked on old hwy 53 refused medical dog ran to nearby residence rp states the dog is attempting to get out of the fence  Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

11:44     MISSING PERSON                                          090118023
Occurred on Olive. 13 year old son ran away  Disposition: Report Taken.

12:50     DISTURBANCE                                             090118024
Occurred on Dam Rd. 415 physical no weapons, male subj is pushing 19 yr old down  Disposition: Log Note Only.

13:32     SUSPICIOUS CIRCS/PERSON/VEHICLE                         090118028
Occurred on Olive. susp bicycle behind school for 2 days letter found on attached baby seat  Disposition: Log Note Only.

13:38     SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE                                      090118030
Officer initiated activity at Redbud Park, Clearlake.  Disposition: Log Note Only.

13:52     COMMERCIAL ALARM                                        090118031
Occurred at Radio Shack on Olympic Dr. . radio shack  bathroom door resp unable to reach  Disposition: Unfounded.

14:15     VIOLATION OF COURT ORDER                                090118032
Occurred at Clearlake Police Department on Olympic Dr. . lobby detail    shoved by someone she has a restraining order against enrout to pd to make report  Disposition: Log Note Only.

14:22     SUSPICIOUS CIRCS/PERSON/VEHICLE                         090118033
Occurred on 33RD Av. male subj went into the house through the window/2 females in the silver toyota pu/male is wearing levi's and blk shirt/hma carrying an electric screw gun/out with one hma  Disposition: Log Note Only.

15:12     SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE                                      090118036
Occurred on Old Highway 53. speeding vehicle thru park bma late 30s short hair lt blue shirt now parked across from  walking around yelling  Disposition: Log Note Only.

16:57     DISTURBANCE                                             090118037
Occurred at 36TH Av/Irving Av. 2-12 yoa blk tshirt jeans  Disposition: Canceled by RP.

16:58     DISTURBANCE                                             090118038
Occurred on Acacia. 15/20 juvlsh walking towards lakeshore associated vehicles white cavalier white honda car  Disposition: Log Note Only.

17:04     BURGLARY                                                090118039
Occurred on Jackson. while gone someone broke into the house/unk what has been taken/screen door was taken off door way  Disposition: Log Note Only.

17:27     DISTURBANCE                                             090118041
Occurred at Safeway on Olympic Dr. . 5 people in 415 in safeway parking lot  Disposition: Report Taken.

17:34     DISTURBANCE                                             090118042
Occurred on Old Highway 53. girlfriend broke computer boyfriend trying to move out  no weapons/on prescription meds  Disposition: Log Note Only.

17:50     WARRANT SERVICE                                         090118043
Occurred at Safeway on Olympic Dr. .  Disposition: Log Note Only.

17:55     ASSAULT WITH DEADLY WEAPON                              090118044
Occurred on 9TH St. stabbing victim no further  Disposition: Log Note Only.

18:07     ATTEMPT TO LOCATE                                       090118045
Occurred at Cache Creek Apartments on Dam Rd. . rp calling from san jose x husband did not return daughter as indicated by court order  Disposition: Log Note Only.

19:05     ANY CIVIL PROBLEM                                       090118046
Occurred on 37TH Av. renters moved out/rp wants to change locks  Disposition: Log Note Only.

19:22     ASSIST OTHER AGENCY                                     090118047
Occurred at Clearlake PD on Lakeshore Dr. . child custody matter  Disposition: Report Taken.

20:22     911 HANG UP                                             090118049
Occurred on Laddell Av.  Disposition: Log Note Only.

20:38     SUSPICIOUS CIRCS/PERSON/VEHICLE                         090118050
Occurred at State Highway 53/OLD Highway 53. POSS DUI DRIVER WHITE JEEP CHEROKEE  Disposition: Log Note Only.

23:00     PATROL CHECK                                            090118058
Officer initiated activity at Clement Dr/Old Highway 53, Clearlake.  Disposition: Log Note Only.

23:07     PETTY THEFT                                             090118060
Occurred at Safeway on Olympic Dr. . wma blk shirt blk beanie silver pontiac  Disposition: Log Note Only.

23:35     PATROL CHECK                                            090118062
Officer initiated activity at Lakeridge, (Unknown Address), Clearlake.  Disposition: Log Note Only.

23:38     PATROL CHECK                                            090118063
Officer initiated activity at American Legion, Austin Rd, Clearlake.  Disposition: Log Note Only.

23:39     SUSPICIOUS CIRCS/PERSON/VEHICLE                         090118064
Officer initiated activity at Ridgeview Dr, Clearlake.  Disposition: Log Note Only.

23:47     SUSPICIOUS CIRCS/PERSON/VEHICLE                         090118065
Officer initiated activity at Lamplighter Motel, Lakeshore Dr, Clearlake.  Disposition: Log Note Only.

23:48     SUSPICIOUS CIRCS/PERSON/VEHICLE                         090118066
Occurred on 40TH Av. blk honda civic lic  Disposition: Log Note Only.

23:55     PATROL CHECK                                            090118067
Officer initiated activity at Redbud Park, Clearlake.  Disposition: Log Note Only.


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