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Clearlake‌ ‌Police‌ ‌logs:‌ Thursday, April 1

Thursday, April 1,‌ ‌2021‌

00:00 EXTRA PATROL 2104010001
Occurred on McKinley Dr. Disposition: Log Note Only.

00:06 PATROL CHECK 2104010002
Officer initiated activity at El Grande, Lakeshore Dr, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

00:30 EXTRA PATROL 2104010004
Occurred on Memory Ln. Due to attempted 459 on Garage. Disposition: Log Note Only.

01:17 PATROL CHECK 2104010009
Officer initiated activity at Redbud Park, Lakeshore Dr, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

01:29 COMMERCIAL ALARM 2104010010
Officer initiated activity at Tractor Supply, Dam Rd, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

01:39 SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE 2104010011
Officer initiated activity at Airport, Hwy 53/OLD Highway 53, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

01:47 PATROL CHECK 2104010012
Officer initiated activity at Mendo Mill And Lumber Company, Old Highway 53, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

01:48 PATROL CHECK 2104010013
Officer initiated activity at El Grande, Lakeshore Dr, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

01:55 SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE 2104010014
Officer initiated activity at Redbud Park, Lakeshore Dr, Clearlake. Disposition: Cited.

02:00 EXTRA PATROL 2104010015
Occurred at Boars Breath on Lakeshore Dr. Due to recent 459 of generator. Disposition: Log Note Only.

02:22 PATROL CHECK 2104010016
Officer initiated activity at Jim's Mini Storage, Industrial Ct, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

02:30 EXTRA PATROL 2104010017
Occurred at Big O Tire on Lakeshore Dr. Subjects entering into the fenced area behind the main building and stealing items from cars. Disposition: Log Note Only.

02:41 SUSP CIRCS 2104010018
Occurred on Old Highway 53. Rpts there is a veh parked across the street desc as drk 4d sedan/ rpts she can see two subjs unk desc walking around area with flashlights/ one subj went walking twds rps backyard and second took off on foot twds walmart on foot/ subjs pulled up in veh and rp heard yelling and looked out and saw them walking around / unk desc of subjs
Cellular E911 Call: Lat:38.945718 Lon:-122.63104. Service Class: WPH2. Disposition: Log Note Only.

03:27 SUSP CIRCS 2104010019
Lat:38.962197 Lon:-122.63885. Service Class: WPH2. Disposition: Arrest Made.

04:27 COMMERCIAL ALARM 2104010021
Occurred at Tractor Supply on Dam Rd. UNK MOTION/ NEG RESP DID NOT HAVE CORRECT PASSCODE. Disposition: Log Note Only.

04:42 TRESPASS 2104010022
Occurred at McDonalds on Dam Rd. Rp is employee / rpts there is a male subj 500 scruffy face wearing a suit that is sleeping near the front patio and refusing to leave/ unknown how long he has been there/ poss uti. Disposition: Counseled.

05:30 ANIMAL CONTROL 2104010023
Occurred on Manakee Ave. Rpts at resd to the right of rps has a k9 that has been howling and yelping for over 5 minutes and sounds like it is hurt / rp cannot see anything / req welfare check and to speak to the officer. Cellular E911 Call: Lat:38.966826 Lon:-122.65174. Service Class: WPH2. Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

06:09 TRAFFIC HAZARD 2104010025
Occurred on El Camino Rl. Rpts there are multiple vehs blocking the roadway/rp drives a garbage truck and cant get the truck through and also thinks if a fire truck was needed in the area they couldn't get through.

07:30 EXTRA PATROL 2104010026
Occurred on 23D Av. Disposition: Log Note Only.

Occurred on 10TH St. Rpts that his step father was pushing the rp and put his hands around his throat /rp does not want to press charges/inc occd earlier this morning. Disposition: Log Note Only.

08:12 SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE 2104010029
Officer initiated activity at Long Term Storage, Warner St, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

08:25 RECKLESS DRIVING 2104010030
Occurred at Montgomery, Resd on Crawford Ave. Rpts in the area of the address there is a silver van that is speeding up and down the road and is peeling out in front of the address/rp thinks that its leading up to some kind of 415. Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

09:16 VERBAL ARGUMENT 2104010035
Occurred at Tequila's Mexican Grill And Bar on Lakeshore Dr. Rpts there is a bma wearing a gray bb cap blk shirt with white writing and blk pants that is yelling and threatening people and peed in the corner/rp advised the male is hbd/unk weapons/unk med. Cellular E911 Call: Lat:38.957707 Lon:-122.60307. Service Class: W911. Disposition: Arrest Made.

10:02 SUSP CIRCS 2104010038
Occurred at Lakeside Herbal Solutions on Mullen Av. Rpts employee told the rp that she got a text last night from him telling her to get his money from the safe and put it in her account and then transfer it to him/rp said he doesn't know the name of the person that texted her/female did not get into the safe but got money from somewhere else/rp said the female has over $1,000 right now but just got to the business to give it back to the rp. Disposition: Log Note Only.

10:45 TICKET SIGN OFF 2104010044
Occurred on Olympic Dr. CHP ticket sign off for window tinting too dark. Disposition: Log Note Only.

11:43 SUSP CIRCS 2104010047
Occurred at Adagio Apartments on Olympic Dr. Rpts a female jumped out of the bushes and scared the rp/rp said the female touched her shirt and nothing else happened/rp said the female has been flipping her off recently so she thought she was going to do something /inc occd last night @ 8 pm. Disposition: Counseled.

12:10 ANIMAL CONTROL 2104010049
Officer initiated activity at 22D Av, Clearlake. Disposition: Log Note Only.

12:21 PROBATION SEARCH 2104010050
Officer-initiated activity at Mcdonalds, Dam Rd, Clearlake. Disposition: Cited.

12:33 ANIMAL CONTROL 2104010051
Occurred at Twin Oaks Village on Old Highway 53. Rpts there are 2 small chihuahua k9s in the area that are loose/rp said they have chased people in the past. Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

12:36 WELFARE CHECK 2104010052
Occurred at Pge on Olympic Dr. Rp said there is a female in a shopping cart with her legs hanging out and is unconscious/unk if she needs med /med enrt. Cellular E911 Call: Lat:38.962262 Lon:-122.64003. Service Class: WPH2. Disposition: Arrest Made.

13:04 SUSP CIRCS 2104010055
Occurred at J & L Market on Old Highway 53. Rpts there is a hma wearing a tan hoodie unk pants that is trying to jump in front of vehicles. Service Class: VOIP. Disposition: Log Note Only.

Occurred on 9TH St. Rpts flipped off the rps son and gave him a dirty look /male is the restrained party in a served no contact ro /male is currently at his res next door. Cellular E911 Call: Lat:38.974079 Lon:-122.6609. Service Class: WPH2. Disposition: Report Taken.

13:21 TICKET SIGN OFF 2104010057
Occurred at Clearlake PD on Olympic Dr. Clearlake pd Reg ticket sign off. Disposition: Log Note Only.

13:30 EXTRA PATROL 2104010058
Occurred on Memory Ln. Due to attempted 459 on Garage. Disposition: Log Note Only.

13:35 ANIMAL CONTROL 2104010059
Occurred at Austin Beach on N/A. Rpts there is a whi and blk pitbull attacking other k9s/rp said there is no owner in the area /rp advised the owner of the other k9 was trying to get it off of their dog. Disposition: Log Note Only.

13:40 RESIDENTIAL ALARM 2104010060
Occurred on Crandall Av. Interior motion/resp /resp gave the wrong passcode to the alarm company. Disposition: False Alarm.

13:49 BATTERY COLD 2104010061
Occurred at Clearlake Resort on Old Highway 53. Rp reports that his neighbor assaulted him by shoving him at about 5 pm 3/31/21/ rp wasn't sure what to do about it so he came in to file a report. Disposition: Log Note Only.

14:22 PROPERTY LOST 2104010063
Occurred at Walmart on Dam Rd. Rpts she lost her purse at walmart about 3 weeks ago /rp wants documentation only. Disposition: Log Note Only.

14:26 911 WIRELESS HANGUP 2104010064
Occurred on Palm Ave. 11 meters/talking heard /on call back female advised her daughter was playing with the phone /same hx with number. Cellular E911 Call: Lat:38.958088 Lon:-122.61806. Service Class: W911. Disposition: Log Note Only.

14:46 ANIMAL CONTROL 2104010067
Occurred at Time To Shop on Lakeshore Dr. Female mauled by 3 k9s/k9s got out of a drk bro dodge durango. Cellular E911 Call: Lat:38.957707 Lon:-122.60307. Service Class: W911. Disposition: Report Taken.

15:24 RECKLESS DRIVING 2104010068
Occurred at Hwy 53/OGULIN Canyon Rd. Rpts there is blk or a dark green tk with a camper and roof rack that is all over the road/going towards olympic dr. Cellular E911 Call: Lat:38.969761 Lon:-122.62527. Service Class: WPH2. Disposition: Log Note Only.

15:34 WELFARE CHECK 2104010069
Occurred on 35TH Ave. Rpts was mistakenly released from jail today and possibly went back home to her address/rp advised she is the restrained person in a served no contact order/protected person is /refer case /rp calling from the DA's office/rp req a 10-21 after chk. Disposition: Log Note Only.

16:02 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 2104010070
Occurred on Washington St. Req an officer to call her regarding not giving her money back or calling her back/rp was already told that its a civil issue but wants to talk to an officer about it. Disposition: Citizen Assisted.

16:38 NON INJURY TC 2104010072
Occurred at Hwy 53/18TH Ave. Rpts he was in a veh tc and he is having his veh towed/other veh was a whi large tk/rp was in a volkswagen/rp said both vehs stopped but they did not exchange info/non injury/inc occd about an hour ago. Disposition: Log Note Only.

17:40 PARKING COMPLAINT 2104010076
Occurred at Notts Liquors on Lakeshore Dr. Rpts a whi van that is parked in a handicapped parking space and doesn't have a handicapped placard or plate/rp advised the veh just left. Disposition: Log Note Only.

18:18 VANDALISM 2104010078
Occurred on Sycamore. Rp states that about a week ago a brick was thrown at his resd and left a hole in his awning. Rp suspects it is subjects that are assc with his son. Rp is requesting to explain the situation to the officer. Rp does not have video surveillance. Rp does not have any proof to who did this. Disposition: Log Note Only.

18:43 BATTERY COLD 2104010079
Occurred at El Grande on Lakeshore Dr. Rp is a UPS worker and saw a older female with gray shirt blue jeans and fanny pack was hitting on a male subject and punching him / male subj left in a gold/bro thunderbird twds speedway on lakeshore/ female resp is on west side behind el grande / neg weapons / req area check. Cellular E911 Call: Lat:38.957707 Lon:-122.60307
Service Class: W911. Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

Occurred at Safeway on Olympic Dr. Rp states her friend has a puncture wound to his hand from a knife/ unk if he did it or someone else did it to him/rp is calling for medical attention / Standing by in back of breezeway / rp advised neg weapons on the victim. Cellular E911 Call:
Lat:38.964831 Lon:-122.64099. Service Class: W911. Disposition: Arrest Made.

19:08 SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE 2104010081
Occurred on Villa Wy. Veh has been there two weeks not blocking the driveway. Rp req officer respond to make sure it is not stolen and want the vehicle to be removed. Disposition: Log Note Only.

20:00 911 LANDLINE HANG UP 2104010082
Occurred on Meadowbrook Dr. Barley connected / neg answer on call back / number keeps calling back nothing heard / another rp called advising they need medical. Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

20:09 RECKLESS DRIVING 2104010083
Occurred on Lelabelle Bl. Rpts there is an older model chevy silverado who is peeling out ifo rps resd and cutting the stop sign / driver desc as younger heavy set wma with dark hair/ resp is currently doing burnouts in empty lot. Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

20:12 FIGHT IN PROGRESS 2104010084
Occurred at McDonalds on Dam Rd. First rp advising there is a fight at mcdonalds and a k9 bit a person / first rp sounds like a juv and is hard to understand/ unk where victim is and unk desc of resp/ owner let k9 out on purpose / 4 k9s / Second RP is walmart security advising that the homeless gentleman "red" has 3 k9s that attacked a male subj in a dark blue tk. Cellular E911 Call: Lat:38.934618 Lon:-122.62586. Service Class: WPH2. Disposition: Report Taken.

20:18 FATALITY 2104010085
Occurred on Meadowbrook Dr. Medical 94 yo male confirmed 1144. Disposition: Report Taken.

20:20 VERBAL ARGUMENT 2104010086
Occurred on Schulz Av. Rpts there is a hfa unk clothing desc that is knocking on her windows and doors / Rp does not know female / Rp sounded extremely hbd/ rp was extremely uncooperative and got in a verbal and then disconnected. Cellular E911 Call: Lat:38.957707 Lon:-122.60307. Service Class: W911. Disposition: Arrest Made.

20:30 EXTRA PATROL 2104010087
Occurred at Redbud Park on Ballpark Av. Check and lock restrooms. Disposition: Log Note Only.

Occurred on Grey Av. Rp used to live there and she has been trying to retrieve her items and the resp keeps locking her out refusing to let her in/ req officer assistance to get items. Disposition: Log Note Only.

21:32 911 MISDIAL 2104010089
Occurred on Vista Robles Wy. Female RP advised that when the phone was set down it accidentally dialed 911/ Rp advised neg emergency responses needed. Cellular E911 Call:
Lat:38.956178 Lon:-122.63368. Service Class: W911. Disposition: Log Note Only.

21:35 911 WIRELESS HANGUP 2104010090
Occurred on James. W/ in 41 M. Nothing heard. Phone number has extensive HX off 911W and 911H calls. Cellular E911 Call: Lat:38.957707 Lon:-122.60305. Service Class: W911. Disposition: Log Note Only.

21:56 VERBAL ARGUMENT 2104010092
Occurred on Palmer Ave. Rpts her roomate is HBD is being violent and throwing items around resd and being verbally aggressive / Rp sounds HBD / Resp poss keeps a knife in his boot unk which leg / Neg threats made. Cellular E911 Call: Lat:38.94097 Lon:-122.61884. Service Class: W911. Disposition: Counseled.

22:02 MUSIC/DOGS/ETC 2104010094
Occurred on 35TH Ave. Rpts there is loud music coming from resd. Rp is req to speak to an officer due to it being an ongoing issue. Disposition: Counseled.

22:08 SUSP CIRCS 2104010095
Occurred on 35TH Ave. Resd directly to west desc gray/blue with whi trim with a lot of stuff in yard there was a subj with a flashlight on top of the roof/ rp states he does not believe owner is home because her veh is not there / owner drives a light colored SUV / unk how many subjs, poss saw two flashlight on roof. Disposition: Log Note Only.

22:30 EXTRA PATROL 2104010097
Occurred on Howard Ave. Rp req exp due to recent 459 and poss hearing prowlers at night / rp stays at resd. Disposition: Log Note Only.

22:44 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 2104010098
Occurred on Manchester Av. Medic unit req CPD assistance for several loose K9s on property. Disposition: Log Note Only.

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