Ravenwoode: Choosing Pyska to lead District 5

As one of the many people who survived the September 2015 Valley fire in Lake County, I experience apprehension as fire season approaches.

I watch as wildfires in adjoining Napa and Sonoma counties unfold, knowing residents and businesses are experiencing the same evacuation pressures that Lake County residents have encountered over the last five years. When I talk with my neighbors, we sometimes wonder if we are waiting for the next Crown fire.

Then I was introduced to Jessica Pyska. I listened to her ideas for proactive disaster planning in conjunction with the Cobb Area Council. She explained her efforts to advocate for FireWise Communities to reduce dangerous fuel loads in the densely forested Cobb-Kelseyville area. And she continues to support these activities through bi-annual community wildfire safety workshops arranged by the Cobb Area Council.

Through more research, I found Jessica was chair of the Economic Development Committee, within the Cobb Area Council. As such, she has worked hard to obtain a $200,000 grant which is being used to bolster local commerce through strengthening reliable broadband and fund a marketing campaign to draw much-needed visitors to our creative Cobb area community.

Jessica is offering more than a variety of public services in District 5. She offers vision, action and leadership. Lake County has experienced tragic wildfires. We have learned from them. Now we are ready to move forward.

I was so impressed with her work ethic, I decided to vote for her on Nov. 3 for Lake County Fifth District supervisor.

Anna Rose Ravenwoode is a lifelong educator who lives in Kelseyville, California.