Hope Rising participating in Aligning Systems for Health deep dive engagement

LAKE COUNTY, Calif. – Aligning Systems for Health, or AH4H, has invited Hope Rising to participate in a research study focused on improving the understanding of alignment of social services, public health, and health care in Accountable Communities for Health, or ACH.

Over the next four months, the study will focus on the degree to which health equity is impacted or results from current collaboration models in Lake County.

AH4H chose eight ACHs from California and Washington to participate in in-depth engagement as a “deep-dive site” to focus on how cross-sector alignment can advance the opportunity for everyone to have a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible.

Hope Rising is one of three of the 13 ACHs in California that was selected to carry out this critical work by identifying, testing and sharing what works to align health systems and practices and better address the goals and needs of the people of our communities.

“Hope Rising Lake County has made measurable progress toward aligning sectors for community health improvement,” said Stephanie Bultema, MALL PhD with Public Health Institute. “The Population Health Innovation Lab is partnering with Hope Rising to learn how cross-sector alignment can work in small, rural, and under-resources communities, with the goal of helping similar communities succeed in aligning for health.”

As a deep dive site, Hope Rising will invite stakeholders and community members that engage with them to participate in a survey, a series of interviews and a focus group to share their perspectives about what is working, for whom, and why.

Hope Rising will share the survey with stakeholders on March 10. Following a review of the information, AH4H will prepare a tailored report to Hope Rising in the summer of 2021. Public results of the research will be available in May 2022.

The Population Health Innovation Lab’s Aligning Systems for Health research is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.The[A1] Georgia Health Policy Center is leading the national Aligning Systems for Health initiative, of which the Population Health Innovation Lab’s research project is one part.

The Population Health Innovation Lab creates lasting change by providing a collaborative space for incubation, acceleration, and disseminating solutions to public health. This partnership will provide real-time, useful data, information, and recommendations for Hope Rising to continue working toward sustainable, long-term impact.

Participation in this research study will also offer national recognition through reference in scientific publications, at national conferences, and in book chapters, and allow Hope Rising to contribute to the generation of new knowledge that can benefit other ACHs and similar multi-sector collaboratives.

A crucial role of Aligning Systems for Health is turning evidence into action. By improving understanding of how ACH’s unique contexts and collaboration dynamics influence outcomes and make community efforts impactful, they can provide useful, actionable, and accessible information for policymakers, ACH staff and community stakeholders working to improve health.

Accountable Communities for Health are community-based partnerships formed across sectors such as health care, housing, social services, public health, employment training, and economic development to focus on a shared vision and responsibility for the health of the community.

For more information about Hope Rising programs or to get resources visit www.hoperisinglc.org.