Tuesday, 31 January 2023


Thanksgiving has come and gone, and everyone enjoyed their break. Even though having a break from school was great, we are all glad to be back here at Carlé again!

Some new students have joined Carlé since the beginning of October. We would like to welcome Sam Ayala, Peter Bennett, Justin Duncan, Michelle Hayes, Mary Snyder and Kayla Ward.

A few of our current students are now nearing graduation, and all will be presenting their portfolios on Nov. 29. They are Crystal Engelking, Wes Besgrove and Amy Jones. They each have been great students, and will be missed when they leave.

The staff members at Carlé always do their best so that the students here can get the most out of their school. Everyone here would like to thank one of our most valued staff members: Barbara Dye. We want our appreciation of her to be known. She worked on her own time in order to get all the student's report cards out for the second grading period. She is loved by all of the students and the staff.

Our principle, Bill MacDougall says, “She is one of the most intelligent, efficient and pleasant people I have ever met.”

Our student body president Lavonne Pattee also said, “Barbara is what keeps Carlé High running; she is what keeps everything running smoothly, and she also happens to one of the kindest people that has ever walked the face of the Earth.”

Our teacher, Alan Siegel, had this to say: “Barbara is probably the most competent person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is our secretary, counselor, advisor, troubleshooter, English corrector and so much more. She is the single most important person to the success of this school.”

The third grading period is under way and it is going to be a strange one. This is because of the winter vacation taking away most of our school days, making it harder to get a good amount of credits. It will be impossible for students to achieve gold level unless they do a good amount of extra credit. We are confident, though, that everyone here will do just fine.

Congratulations to this week's student of the week, Courtney Montiel. She was chosen as student of the week for helping other students, doing a lot of community service, and always being a very pleasant person.

Thank you for reading! Have a great week!

Atlee Erickson is a junior at Carlé High School.


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02.08.2023 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
100+ Women Strong in Lake County
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