Mefford honored at Feb. 26 ceremony


Army officials came to give Leroy Mefford a proper military funeral. Photo by Ginny Craven.

LAKEPORT – On a cloudy Thursday afternoon, Leroy Mefford was laid to rest.

The veteran of the U.S. Army found his final resting place one of honor at Veterans’ Circle in Hartley Cemetery on Feb. 26.

Little was known about Mefford to those in attendance, save his friend John Erfurth. What they didn’t know about the Army veteran didn’t matter. It was what they did know that brought them there.

What was known was that Leroy E. Mefford was born May 17, 1921 and that he served his country with honor in the United States Army from Dec. 18, 1943 to Dec. 10, 1945.

This man died with no known living relatives. He had spent the last 30 years living with his friend John.

When it came time for burial, the Military Funeral Honors Team of Lake County ensured that their comrade received the honors he deserved – the honors he earned.



The US flag is folded and presented at Leroy Mefford's funeral on Thursday, February 26, 2009. Photo by Ginny Craven.




A United Veterans Council's Military Funeral Honors Team bugler plays