Aaron Johnson



Aaron David Johnson, born on Aug. 4, 1973, passed away suddenly on Oct 1, 2012.

Aaron was a man of many talents and interests. He loved music, put on the first punk rock concerts mosh pit and all in Lake County, Calif., with the then-struggling groups Green Day and Fifteen.

His music preferences ranged from punk, to Irish for many years. Within the last couple of years, Country Western was his favorite.

He worked at the pear sheds in the summer every year until he left Lake County like many kids did. He moved to Oakland and then Berkeley, Calif. He loved history, firearms and food, especially fish. He became quite a cook himself.  His friends kept telling him he should teach history.  

He was a loyal and well-loved employee at the Monterey Fish Market. He and his best friend co-managed the store together. He developed a level of expertise that was valued by many who depended on him for the right information. He knew his seafood.

His clientèle who consulted with him were many of the five-star chefs of the Bay Area, multimillion dollar caviar buyers, sometimes the rich and famous and many who traveled long distances just to get the best choice from him. He NEVER bragged about this to us, and we only found out those details after he passed away. He was humble and unassuming that way. He just thought it was his job so he did it.

He collected memorabilia from World War II, records and yet valued the bottle cap collection his mother gave him from her childhood more than all of it.  

He leaves behind his son, Ryan; mother, Tricia, aka Rachel; father, Richard; brothers, Justin and Shane; sister, Lisa; loving girlfriend, Missy; best friend, Steve; employers par excellence, Paul and Connie of Monterey Fish; and good friends, Nik and Melissa, Jerry, Angie and Jason, Justin R., Paul O. his awesome landlords Miki and Larry, and many more, neighbors, coworkers and customers who he touched with his kindness, generosity and expertise.