Richard Matthew 'Rick' Norton Jr.



July 7, 1954 – November 24, 2011

Rick Norton died at home in Salinas, Calif., on Thanksgiving Day 2011 of oral cancer.

He’ll be remembered this month around a campfire at Indians Memorial Campground at the headwaters of the Arroyo Seco River. Officiating will be Rev. Paul Danielson, retired parish priest of Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Corral de Tierra where Rick was baptized and he and his wife of 37 years, Tina, were married.

Rick and Danielson crossed paths often on the fish trails at The Indians, where Rick spent many of his happiest days.

Danielson is a Big Sur Land Trust board member and member of The Ventana Wilderness Alliance, a conservation group dedicated to protecting wild lands of the northern Santa Lucia mountain range. Rick would be pleased.

Danielson took the family’s favorite photo of Rick. It’s how Rick will be remembered, his wide grin, dark eyes twinkling under a SF Giants hat, proudly hefting a big trout in one hand, his fishing pole in the other, a devoted black lab at his feet.

Rick was a wood worker and artist, creating distinctive bird houses and planter boxes from recycled wood for family and friends.

He is remembered by wife, Tina, and dogs Max and Daisy of Salinas; father, Richard (Beverly) Norton of Sacramento; brother Doug (Fran Levy) Norton of Monte Rio; and sister Susanne (Lyle) La Faver, of Hidden Valley Lake; and many friends and relations.