Robey: Supporting Krones for district attorney

I would like to share my thoughts about the upcoming June 7 election for the office of district attorney in Lake County.

I have known and worked with both candidates for many years. Without doubt, Susan Krones has the best background and experience to continue doing a very good job as our district attorney.

But in addition to her impeccable legal credentials, she is a dedicated public servant who is committed to pursuing justice — an essential quality in a district attorney.

Plus, the DA has to have the legal knowledge and judgment to decide which cases to prosecute and the degree of prosecution to be pursued, so that taxpayers' dollars are not wasted but spent on cases which will take criminals off the streets.

Being district attorney requires more than just a legal degree. It’s a specialized area of the law requiring experience, knowledge and judgment.

Susan Krones has a proven record of imprisoning hundreds of child molesters, domestic abusers and other violent criminals throughout her 29-year career.

She has directly supervised the other attorneys in the DA’s Office for over 10 years. She was elected as our district attorney four years ago and has proven that she can do the job.

Susan deserves to be reelected as our district attorney. That’s why I am endorsing her and encouraging all voters in Lake County to please vote for Susan Krones for district attorney.

Ed Robey is a retired Lake County supervisor for District 1. He lives in Lower Lake, California.