Westphal: Thanks for support of Clear Lake Gleaners

The Clear Lake Gleaners is a nonprofit organization established as a food bank in August 1981.

We have continuously strived to serve the elderly, low-income and homeless families with food to supplement their meals.

We are very fortunate to receive commodities from the USDA as well as from our local grocers, i.e., Safeway, Bruno’s Shop Smart and Grocery Outlet. All are providing a valuable contribution to our distribution process as we are supplying approximately 3,000 Lake County families with food each month.

Our volunteers are dedicated to serving the public and on distribution days some are on the site to load trucks as early as 3 a.m. The trucks leave the Finley site by 5:30 a.m., traveling to Lucerne and Spring Valley on the north, Clearlake and Middletown on the south. Cobb Mountain food is picked up by the site manager and her volunteers, which is greatly appreciated.

We have applied for a grant to purchase property with a large warehouse and have received numerous donations toward that goal. To all who have made monetary and food donations, we thank you. Without your support we would be unable to provide our elderly, low-income and homeless families with the support they need.

We appreciate all who have been so supportive of the Clear Lake Gleaners and invite you to visit our headquarters at 1896 Big Valley Road, Finley to observe our operations.

Bev Westphal is president of Clear Lake Gleaners Inc., based in Finley, California.