Sunday, 26 May 2024

Schmidt-Hopper: No on the gubernatorial recall

Taxpayers in California are paying, for the second time in recent history, to recall a duly elected Democratic governor.

Gov. Gavin Newsom is the current target of frustrated voters from the minority party, who are unsuccessful in providing either policy or candidates which resonate with the majority of California’s citizenry. Gov. Newsom won with 61.9% of the vote in November 2018.

So, let’s take a look at what Gov. Newsom has done so far for the people of California in his first term of office.

Concerned about the economic fall out of a pandemic which burst upon the scene at the end of 2019?

California has a budget surplus in 2021 conservatively estimated at $ 38 billion of immediately available funds. Gov. Newsom has created the “California Comeback Plan” which includes “Golden State Stimulus” middle class tax rebates of at least $600, and to families with children $500 more. Two out of every three Californians will now benefit from a direct cash payment from the state.

Concerned about back rent and utility bills left unpaid during pandemic layoff, and about the threat of eviction?

The California Comeback Plan includes the only statewide renter assistance fund which will support qualified low income citizens by paying 100% of back rent and current rent several months into the future. Newsom’s plan also includes funds to help Californians pay their overdue water and utility bills. Additionally, the California Comeback Plan includes more money than ever for tenant legal services. California also has extended the eviction moratorium through the end of September.

Concerned about wildfires?

Gov. Newsom has proposed a $1 billion investment to the Wildfire and Forest Resilience Action Plan including increased funds for forest health and community fire resilience. He has authorized more than $80 million in emergency funds for 1,399 additional firefighters with Cal Fire to bolster fuels management and wildfire response efforts.

Concerned about electricity reliability and climate change?

With Gov. Newsom’s leadership, California has achieved his goal of 33% electricity from renewable sources two years ahead of schedule. When the percentage of renewables is combined with other sources of carbon-free energy, such as large hydroelectric and geothermal generation, the total percentage of clean energy is 63%. Gov. Newsom signed an emergency proclamation to free up energy supply to meet demand during extreme heat events and wildfires that are becoming more intense and to expedite deployment of clean energy resources this year and next year.

A simple NO vote on your mail in recall ballot on or before Sept. 14 will confirm the will of the majority of Californians, and secure implementation of the California Comeback Plan which benefits and protects working families and small businesses.

Vote no on the recall.

Kate Schmidt-Hopper lives in Hidden Valley Lake, California.

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