Jarrett and Prather: Rainy day hero

Picture this: A lone stretch of highway in Pope Valley not far from the turn off to the hospital.

A car with flashers on by the side of the road. Rain pouring down as two women crouch over a flat tire. One holds the umbrella while the other, on her knees, loosens the nuts and tries to work the jack.

Once in a while a car whizzes by but for the most part, it’s just them making achingly slow progress.

All of a sudden, a truck with the words “Griffin Mobile Repair and Welding” on its side pulls over, and out jumps a smiling man. “Jeff Griffin, Rainy Day Hero, at your service.”

He changed that tire within minutes and we were on our way again.

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Mr. Griffin for his act of kindness on our behalf.

Lake County has many fine citizens and Jeff Griffin of Middletown is certainly one of them. Thank you!

Carolynn Jarrett lives in Clearlake, California, and Lela Prather lives in Lakeport, California.