Pyzer: A teacher’s poetic perspective on distance learning

Distance Learning
(One teacher’s perspective)

Do you like distance learning?
It really is quite concerning.
Teachers don’t love distance learning.
Their stomachs are always churning.
There seems to be many voices,
Telling us of different choices.
Everyone wants what’s best,
But we are, oh, so stressed.
Staying at home I’d prefer,
Or back in-person as we were.
Is hybrid really the way to go?
It might be but, I don’t know.
There seems to be a lot of rules
And, we need to learn new tools.
In the morning we love to greet,
All our students on the MEET.
“Mute your mic. Camera on.”
“Please sit down. Now he’s gone.”
It is always quite the feat,
To get everyone on a MEET.
You know we all must sanitize,
Not sure what to do otherwise.
Lesson planning is quite hard.
Some we’ve had to disregard.
We still might have to video,
But we never want the status quo.
Teachers want their students back.
Parents are ready to fill their pack.
We all know this could multiply
If we don’t start to unify.
Please keep teachers in your thoughts.
Some are feeling quite distraught.

Davina Pyzer teaches at Coyote Valley Elementary School and lives in Hidden Valley Lake, California.