Pedroncelli: Upper Lake Unified continues to shine

To all who supported me and believed in me as a school board member, I will continue to always do my best for all students at Upper Lake Unified School District.

In these difficult times and limitations with COVID-19, I remain proud, confident and very appreciative of the leader Dr. Annous, and the leadership of principals Annie, Mike and Stephanie who help to make the educational process for our students challenging, engaging and successful!

All employees at ULUSD have worked tirelessly to keep the schools safe for the students to learn. From all the teachers, office staff, leadership staff, the school bus drivers to the cafeteria workers to those who keep the classrooms sanitary for our students. You all have made this happen to keep our school open for students. Thank you!

I will make your children my first priority always! ULUSD continues to shine!

Our children, our future!

Claudine Pedroncelli lives in Upper Lake, California.