Pyska: An awesome responsibility

Two years ago I made a plan to run a positive, fact-filled campaign to inspire real change in Lake County. I believe in holding ourselves to a high standard of integrity, and that win or lose, we are still friends and neighbors. It is my hope that you, the voters of District 5, have found that I have stuck to my principals, and trust that the way that I have run my campaign is exactly how I will lead as your new supervisor.

We have a rare opportunity to set ambitious priorities in economic development, health and safety, and disaster mitigation by leveraging the $7.5 million in cannabis funding that has the potential to significantly impact life in our community. This is the time to think big, collaborate creatively, and build the capacity that we need to achieve long-term goals and new priorities. I intend to make absolutely sure that these tax-revenue funds are used as the voters intended, to elevate life in Lake County for all our residents.

It has been an exciting journey these past few years, and an absolute pleasure meeting so many of you and listening to your ideas, concerns and priorities. I want to thank everyone who has supported me through this journey, from across District 5 and countywide, to our state electeds. My campaign has been 100-percent powered by local volunteers who also believe in the power of our community, the bright future that lies ahead, and my ability to lead.

This is an awesome responsibility, and I promise you that I am ready to serve and fully committed to doing everything necessary to make Lake County stronger, safer and more vibrant than ever.

I would be honored to win your vote on Nov. 3.

Please visit my website,

Jessica Pyska lives in Cobb, California.