Brunetti: Kearney will get the job done

I’ve known Bill Kearney for many years and have the highest regard for his leadership. Bill isn’t flashy or glib. He doesn’t take selfies or claim credit for another’s work. What makes Bill such an effective leader is his ability to make really good decisions.

As president of the board of directors, Bill’s leadership was instrumental in saving Lakeside Hospital from bankruptcy. His actions helped preserve local medical services for thousands of Lake County residents.

Bill ran a successful local pharmacy business for 40 years – providing the kinds of personal service you don’t get at a corporate chain drug store.

Bill Kearney is a workhorse who will get the job done for us on the county board. That’s the kind of supervisor we need to help Lake County rebuild and recover.

Please join me in supporting Bill Kearney for Lake County supervisor in District 5.

Bill Brunetti lives in Lakeport, California.