Pedroncelli: Inspired by students to serve

I would like to take a few moments of your time to introduce myself. I am Claudine Pedroncelli and I am running for the Upper Lake Unified School District Board.

A community outreach volunteer is how I best describe myself. Giving of my time and self is very important to me.

I have been committed to the ULUSD Board and wish to continue my service there.

The students of the district are my inspiration to serve. My desire is for each student to have a stimulating, successful and adventurous journey, KK-12). Graduation should be each student’s successful goal and achievement. Education and knowledge open so many doors and opportunities for students. Self-esteem and confidence grow.

My experience on the board at ULUSD has shown me the dedication of the superintendent, all three principals, the teaching staff and all classified staff who together combine their skills, talents and unwavering dedication to all students!

It is a pleasure to see the atmosphere of making the most of each teaching opportunity as they interact with the students. The spirit and joy of a learning environment are truly here at ULUSD. The classroom atmosphere is encouraging and engaging. Even with COVID restrictions the students are shining and successful!

I would greatly appreciate your support and vote to help me continue my commitment to all students at ULUSD.

Our children, our future!

Claudine Pedroncelli lives in Upper Lake, California.