Windrem: Pyska will represent county with integrity and positive energy

I am very disappointed at the shameful hit piece that Jessica Pyska’s opponent sent to us voters in the Fifth Supervisorial District.

First of all, it is untrue. Jessica is the classified garden teacher at Cobb Elementary School, and she answered Mr. Kearney’s question about that very directly and clearly at their recent debate, which can be watched on You Tube.

But more importantly, in this time of shameful behavior and lack of willingness to work together on the part of our national elected officials, I certainly do not want anyone on our local Board of Supervisors who attacks opponents and calls them names.

When I first met Jessica Pyska early in her campaign, I was very impressed with her intelligence, commitment to Lake County and passion for serving all the people of our great county.

She has already proven that she can secure money and support for projects benefiting our county. My opinion of her has just gotten more positive as the campaign has progressed.

She will represent all of us in Lake County with integrity and positive energy.

Kathy Windrem lives in Kelseyville, California.