Curtola: Kearney has lost my respect

An open letter to Mr. Bill Kearney, candidate for election.

On Thursday, in the mail, I received a campaign flyer from your election that concerns me, deeply.

During this election cycle I have said, several times, I think you are probably a very nice guy. Unfortunately, after seeing this mailer, I think I may be wrong.

It appears you have taken a page from the “Book of Old School Politics” by sending the absurd “hit piece” I received Thursday.

Instead of sending voters legitimate plans and/or “Day One” action items you plan to take ... you send the “hit.”

Ya’ know, Mr. Kearney ... that used to be the norm ... in the 1970s and 80s. Before voters got tired of meanness and ridiculousness in campaigns.

I’m hoping the reason you did this can be blamed on a professional “campaign consultant” who you’ve hired and who convinced you this plan of attack is strategic with three weeks to go.

Personally, I think you made a huge mistake.

This is Lake County. We are rural in spirit ... we are “down home” by choice.

We’re all neighbors. After the election, we should all be friends who just want what’s best for OUR community. In the end, candidates should BOTH pick up the shovel and work TOGETHER ... if, as they say, they really want what’s best for their community.

If you believe a “hit piece” is a good thing and that it’s going to convince undecided voters to cast their ballot for you, I think you don’t know 2020 politics in District 5.

On a separate note, your “hit” was ridiculous! You have asserted, publicly, that your opponent has somehow misconstrued her job description by stating she is “an Educator” at Cobb Elementary School.

For your benefit:

TEACHER (a noun): a person who teaches, especially in a school.

EDUCATOR (a noun): a person who provides instruction or education; a teacher.

As a former licensed educator, with a lifetime credential earned in 1973, I submit: All educators are teachers but, all teachers are not educators.

One has a licensed one doesn’t, but BOTH are absolutely critical to our world. Thus, your point of contention is an insult to educators AND teachers everywhere.

You owe Candidate Pyska a public apology. You tried to slander her statement and you failed. I am sad that you stooped to this level. You have lost my respect.

I will be voting Pyska for supervisor, Lake County District 5, on Nov. 3, 2020.

Rich Curtola lives in Cobb, California.