Williams: Sadness in America

It is bad enough America has lost so many to COVID-19 but now most of us have witnessed a murder of an American citizen.

To be more specific, an African American was murdered at the hands of a white police officer.

Why do I designate the race? Because part of the sadness in America is the issue of racism which, like the virus, seems to have no cure.

I would hope we look at the issue of finding a cure for racism as much as we are pouring energy into finding a cure for COVID-19.

To hear a human being calling out to his mama, to hear him pleading for his life, brought tears to my eyes.

When do we as Americans say no to hatred and ignorance? When do we as white Americans speak out against racism?

We are so focused on the burning of buildings and shooting looters we forget or can't imagine the pain most peace-loving Americans are feeling right now.

There is a cure for racism and the cure is in the hands of all Americans. We cannot preach hate, we cannot decide to judge another human being by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character.

There is a sadness in America, can you hear the cries?

The first responder to hate is love. Is it so hard to envision an America where love conquers hate?

Let the conversation begin in earnest America. When do we as a nation really follow the letter of the law that all men/women are created equal?

Sadness cannot prevail in America and if we are not getting positive messages from the leaders in the White House then we need to give those messages neighbor to neighbor till the sadness goes away.

Sue Williams lives in Kelseyville, California.