Tuesday, 28 November 2023

VanDenBerghe: Bernie is the one who can win

This is the second presidential election I have worked on, and I am happy to say that Bernie Sanders is the best candidate running on the Democratic ticket – and the most likely to win the election against Trump.

He is currently leading in both New Hampshire and Iowa and is in a good position to continue his sweep through the rest of the states. The more people get to know Bernie, the better they like him!

In 2016, there was a blackout of Bernie in the news and yet he still went from totally unknown to almost winning. Bernie was and is the people’s candidate. He doesn't cater to big business while pretending to be for the people. He IS for the people. He has sponsored Medicare for All for years. Health care is a right we all deserve.

The people of this country want change. They are tired of the same old promises and have the feeling that all politicians are dishonest and bought off. As long as the wealthy and big business are allowed to pour millions into elections and they are allowed to lobby our elected representatives, the wealthy will be the ones who benefit the most from our government. We need to take our democracy back.

We want our government to be of the people and for the people. Billionaires got trillion dollar tax breaks because they bought our government. We must reverse that.

Bernie is the one candidate who will keep his word and make policies that reflect the needs of average Americans. He is the candidate supported by the unions. He is the candidate who gives faith to young voters. They too deserve a chance for a better life in these turbulent times.

Bernie is the honest, real-deal kind of person I and my boomer generation want to believe in. We need to get out there and vote for him. He has to win the primary, even though corporations and billionaires don't want it to happen.

Bernie Sanders is the man who can and will beat Donald Trump.

And while you are at it, vote for your progressive Democratic representatives, senators and governors. Let's turn the country and world around in 2020!

Tricia VanDenBerghe lives in Lucerne, California.

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