Ravenwoode: Addressing funding for Lake County public services

The working people employed by our government at the federal, state and local level, are hired to provide the American people with public services.

One (of many) federal public services includes providing military protection (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps) for the American people. This one area of public service takes 55 percent of the total federal budget.

Likewise, the state of California, provides public services via environmental protection (maintaining and enforcing clean water policies); and (among others) providing a large portion of funding for teachers, police and firefighters.

At the county level, public services are provided by office workers at various departments. Most of these essential services are funded by local tax payers.

It is apparent to me that elected officials have difficult spending decisions to make in administering the local level of government. And maintaining a handle on government expenses is one of their responsibilities. But that must be balanced with the requirement to provide competent and essential public services to the people of Lake County.

If the Lake County Board of Supervisors allows county staffing levels to diminish to a point that essential public services cannot be provided and maintained, then I question their responsibility to the people of Lake County. The need to balance incoming revenues, with outgoing expenses in providing public services are the difficult decisions they were elected to make.

Anna Rose Ravenwoode lives in Kelseyville, Calif.