Alotta: Missing Momma

Marialisa Alotta, age 8, and her mother, Ernestina Mussano Galletto, in 1950. Courtesy photo.

Ernestina Mussano Galletto passed June 29, 1976.

Dearest Momma, it’s been 43 years since you passed away and I miss you every single day.

You were such a great lady. When Papa died due to complications from serving in World War II, you gave up your job as a teacher and took over the family pasta factory. You knew there were 27 people depending on you for their livelihood. Even though times were hard, you always kept a smile on you face and never complained.

I appreciate all you taught me, Momma: to be honest, help others, be kind and generous to children, to forgive those who hurt me, to be friendly and love with all my heart.

When I think of you, I see your smile and love all around you. I am sure as a special lovely soul you are close to the Holy One. Please be my advocate and help with my husband John’s health.

My love to you Momma. Until we meet again.

Marialisa Alotta lives in Upper Lake, Calif.