Ravenwoode: Congratulations to the people of Lakeport

I was pleased to hear the voting public in Lakeport passed Measure M by 75 percent. This timely tax measure supports our local firefighters.

Firefighters, police/sheriffs, teachers and government office workers are the essential people who provide services to the public. They deserve the funding to effectively provide these services on our behalf; and salaries to provide for their families, and by extension, support our local economy.

I do not live in Lakeport. But as we have learned over the past few summers, fires do not stay within geographical or political boundaries.

The October 2017 Tubbs fire, which erupted in Napa County, burned portions of rural and urban Sonoma County.

The Mendocino Complex – which included the River and Ranch fires of July 2018 – roared through four counties before it was contained.

Since the devastating Valley fire tore through Lake County in September 2015, Lake County has become a closer knit community, because we have all undergone a common and stressful experience.

Many thanks to first responders, volunteers and haulers who assisted in evacuating animals. Over the last four years, countless hard-working men and women have come from out of state to fight to put out wildfires.

Anna Rose Ravenwoode lives in Kelseyville, Calif.