Kishineff: Government prefers bickering and name calling

Why is it that, in this time of the worst economic inequality since the Great Depression, our government would seem to prefer bickering and name calling to working together to get passed certain agenda items that have an overwhelming amount of support from Americans?

When did we lose the ability to discuss issues with each other in a civil manner, even when we disagree?

I can feel the fingers pointing. Stop blaming each other for our differences and let's find things we can agree on and ways we can work together.

The vast majority of us really don't want to see people suffer, we just have different ideas about how to prevent suffering.

But our government? It has seemed, for a long time, that they are working to prevent things from getting done.

More of us probably agree with that statement than any of you realize.

Jason Kishineff is a Democratic Congressional candidate from American Canyon, Calif.