Diehl-Darms: Thanking public officials who do good works

My name is Linda Diehl-Darms from Middletown and I am writing this letter because I think it is important to let the public know when one of our elected officials is doing good works.

Congressman Mike Thompson and his deputy chief of staff, Brad Onorato, truly do their best to work for the people. I personally know of two cases that they and their team are working on. Both have to do with the devastating fire events that we have experienced here in Lake County.

Sometimes the bureaucratic mire is hard to navigate or one has not spoken with the right person to clear things up. People are still dealing with insurance problems from the Valley fire and the Clayton fire. Some people are dealing with the finances of the debris cleanup. Some people are dealing with reassessments of their property tax after they have rebuilt and the assessment not being what they were expecting.

Congressman Mike Thompson and his team go the extra mile to sort things out. They know who to talk to on your behalf, or they can tell you who to talk to and they do get results.

It does not matter what party you are, people are people in their eyes and not everyone is blessed with the contacts to get things done.

Reach out if you are having issues. I know that they will do their best to resolve the problem.

Linda Diehl-Darms lives in Middletown, Calif.