Harry: Thank you for support in judicial race

With just a few more days to go until Election Day, I am writing to the voters of Lake County to say, “thank you.” Thank you for voting for me for Superior Court judge. Even if you did not vote for me, thank for voting. You still have a few more days to return your ballots or to vote in person on Nov. 6.

Since I filed to run for office back in January, I have worked every day to travel to all parts of the county to meet as many of you as possible. You have welcomed me with open arms, from that first campaign visit I made to a chili cookoff in Spring Valley to last weekend where I attended the Harvest Festival in Clearlake, the Halloween event in Loch Lomond, the Animal Coalition Dinner at the Moose Lodge and knocking on doors in Hidden Valley – and everything in between.

You have asked me wonderful questions and provided invaluable insight. You have made me dig deeper into issues – mental health courts, homeless issues, what the no money bail and new cannabis law impacts will be on the judicial system, and how you would really like to see the court system be more streamlined for ease of use. I look forward to meeting with additional community leaders on these issues and working to find more state funding going forward.

In June, you rewarded me by making me the top vote winner in the primary race against two opponents who had previously run for public office. As there was no majority winner, I began again the weeknights and weekends of reaching out to even more voters for the runoff election ending on Nov. 6.

None of this could have happened without the help of my family members. Between my full-time job as Lake County deputy county counsel and raising my 6-year old daughter, their help in placing all of my campaign signs, keeping track of all of my campaign finances and filling my campaign reports, and spending endless hours watching over my daughter helped me have sufficient time to devote to running a professional campaign. The same can be said of an early group of supporters, who provided invaluable advice and sufficient initial funding to allow me to pursue my goal of being a Lake County judge.

From the very beginning, my campaign has been completely transparent to the voters. Day by day anyone could watch the list of endorsements growing on my Web site – www.electshandaharryjudge.com/endorsements – and all of my financial reports have been filed online so that donors and the amount they gave and all monies expended are available for all to see: http://cal-access.sos.ca.gov/Misc/filerSearch.aspx?SEARCH=Shanda+harry .

I am proud of and grateful to all who have supported and endorsed me – you come from all economic, political, religious and ethnic backgrounds, all ages, all locations. In this time of political strife, it’s a comfort to know we can come together around a candidate in a nonpartisan judicial race. And also, to know that if I am the one to step onto the bench in January, I will do so with tremendous support from the community.

And that support comes not because people think they will get some “favor” from me when I become a judge but because they have deep confidence in my education, experience and abilities to feel sure that I will be an ethical judge who will treat all people in my courtroom with dignity and respect and I will make fair and impartial decisions according to the law.

Thank you, Lake County.

Shanda Harry is candidate for Lake County Superior Court judge. She lives in Lakeport, Calif.