Johnston: Don Anderson is clearly in it for the money

I attended the judicial debate between Superior Court candidates Shanda Harry and Don Anderson in Middletown.

One answer from Don Anderson particularly bothered me. When asked why he wanted to be a judge, he mentioned a few reasons and then he stopped and said, along the lines of, “Well, let’s be honest, the main reason is that I am going to get a $75,000 annual increase in my salary and a 50-percent bump in my pension.”

Shanda Harry spoke eloquently about public service, her desire to give back to the people of Lake County at the highest level her skills, education and judicial temperament permit.

She talked about the need for all who enter her courtroom to feel that they are respected and given a chance to “have their day in court” and how a judge’s most important role is to set the tone for the courtroom and to always have the highest level of integrity both inside and outside the court.

My choice is clear – Shanda Harry cares deeply about being a judge for all the right reasons.

Please join me in voting for her.

Pollyann Johnston lives in Lakeport, Calif.