Fergussons: Where's the new turn lane?

It was our understanding that the road work that closed the old Hidden Valley Lake Main Gate on Highway 29 in Lake County for the last few months was to produce a safe turnout lane into Hidden Valley Lake for southbound traffic.

We were expecting the turnout lane to provide a safe lane so people could avoid being slammed into by drunk and or speeding drivers who are not paying attention (which happened to us and our daughter in separate incidents there).

It seems that a lot of money was spent to do a bunch of nothing there ... What's happening?!

Where's the turn out lane?

Maybe this question would be directed to Ed Robey or maybe Susanne La Faver or Jim Comstock since Ed is on his way to retire. We hope someone knows the story and we're looking forward to hearing it.

Scott and Linda Fergusson lives in Hidden Valley Lake.

Editor's note: Caltrans told Lake County News that the project has been put on hold due to an issue with the newly installed pavement. The lane must be repaved and then striped before the turn lane is complete; however, there is no exact estimate for completion.