Bodley: Freedom comes with a price

Last Monday I spent part of my day paying my respect to those who gave their lives for this country. But one thing I realized is that I was the only one from my generation there. What is this world coming to?

It's so crazy that people just don’t get it, every breath of air that you breathe is due to someone giving their life or even just a part of it so we could live free. Freedom is not free and it comes with a price.

Today I wonder for the first time in my life if I was one of them where would my friends be on the day of thanks and memory to those brothers and sisters who gave all so we could be free? I give my life to this country regardless of outcome. One thing I know as a soldier and a free person is you can't take what someone gives, and not everyone is willing to give that much so that others can live with the freedom they have.

I hope we as a whole never forget and lose sight of what this country is about. All the free choices we have and my choice is that I will remember those before me and I will stand for what they gave their lives for.

I’m a father first and a soldier second and will never let my kids think that its just a parade and that its just another day to have fun. Its a day to remember and we will as a family and as free people.

County resident Sgt. Christopher M. Bodley spent four years in the Marines and now serves with the California Army National Guard.