Slaight: Questioning air quality report

Regarding the recent article “Lake County gets top marks in the American Lung Association report”:

“Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?” is a quote attributed to Chico Marx. I have a similar question. What am I going to believe, the crowing about Lake County’s allegedly clean air, or my own eyes and my extensive video and photo documentation?

Lake County’s once-clean clear air has, in recent years, become typically, in varying degrees, hazy white.

Since April 2002, I have been investigating and documenting with photos and video, conducting research and asking questions concerning conditions and phenomenon that contradict what we are told about Lake County having “clean air.” A significant amount of my information comes from mainstream sources such as NASA and The National Academy of Science.

I question the quality and healthfulness of Lake County’s air, based not only on my investigation, but also on the lack of research or evidence from Lake County Air Quality Management District to refute my research.

I have many questions. These are a few:

1. What is causing our once-clear air to be hazy white?

2. Is there any connection between the white haze and the apparently unmarked jet aircraft that leave lingering, expanding, white-haze-causing jet-trails over Lake County? I have a video record of these jets.

3. Why has the Lake County Air Quality Management District failed to supply any researched, documented, responses to my research and my questions?

4. Is what we are breathing harmful?

5. The mission statement of the Lake County Air Quality Management District is “… to maintain healthful ambient air for the residents and visitors of the Lake County air basin.” How can they fulfill their mission if they cannot or will not answer the questions, especially concerning the white haze, with supporting research and documentation?

The Lake County Board of Supervisors, who also sit as the board of directors for the Lake County Air Quality Management District, must require that anyone representing the Lake County Air Quality Management District support all statements and assertions by defining their terms and by providing, specific time and location evidence. In the interest of accountability, this requirement must be retroactive.

There must be full disclosure from the Lake County Air Quality Management District and its board of directors. This will include knowledge or information that they may have or that has been provided to them that could possibly be of concern regarding the quality or healthfulness of Lake County air.

Tom Slaight lives in Cobb.