Morgan: Save on gas by using water?

It does not seem possible, but I keep hearing more and more about converting both gas and diesel engines to run on something called Brown's gas, Oxyhydrogen or simply HHO.

HHO gas is generated through electrolysis, when you separate the molecules of water into hydrogen and oxygen. HHO gas is supposedly much safer and yet more powerful than gasoline.

From what I have read, thousands of people around the world have already converted their cars to burn HHO.

These people are now enjoying these benefits:

Supposedly, water can be used to fuel a car when used as a supplement to gasoline. In fact, very little water is needed! Only one quart of water provides more than 1,800 gallons of HHO gas which can literally last for months and significantly increase your vehicle's fuel efficiently, improve emissions quality, and save you money.

Thousands of successful water-conversions around the world are proof that this technology works and will soon catch on! Some industry insiders say its just a matter of time before this water-burning technology will be standard in new automobiles. One expert estimates most cars will be using this technology by 2012.

Denny Klein is a hydrogen engineer who actually has a patent on HHO and is developing vehicles for the U.S. military that run on this fuel. A Fox News affiliate interviewed Klein about his amazing fuel.

And, here I thought converting grease into biodiesel fuel was the solution to fighting high gas prices. But, lo and behold, the solution may not be grease ... but water.

Lamar Morgan live in Hidden Valley Lake.