Christwitz: Our choice is clear

Thank you to everyone who organized and participated in various Earth Day events throughout Lake County thereby keeping hope alive.

Coincidentally, on Earth Day I attended Clearlake’s meeting about the Provinsalia proposal. I view Provinsalia and similar projects as more steps towards environmental suicide of our county. Why would more than 500 Provinsalia homes along with a golf course be built when there are now literally hundreds of vacant homes on the market as well as scarce water for agriculture, drinking and household use? The last thing this county needs is to unnecessarily use precious resources to further despoil our delicate ecological balance.

Our choice is clear: We can choose to rip down trees, bulldoze whole hillsides, erect countless developments and strip malls, wreak congestion in our already troubled streets, and suck up the ground water and creeks. Conversely, we can obey the cry and chant, “The earth is our mother; we must take care of her.” This cry is basic, and as we care for our mother, we care for our children and their children after us. In other words, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

I recommend the DVD (available at local video stores), “The 11th Hour” for a sobering yet helpful view of our plight and hope in these times of climate change. If you watch it, I predict you too will think twice about the Provinsalias of our county.

Barbara Christwitz lives in Clearlake.